Perfect 80 20 Diet Solutions for You

Not a typical diet, but a long-term personal eating style of yours. With the 80/20 rule, you eat 80 percent wholesome food and 20 percent of everything you want.

People often sacrifice a lot for weight loss. Refuse a number of products. No sugar, sweets, white flour and pastries, lemonades and the problem is that we think even more about what we cannot afford.

Diet 80:20 – Long Term Diet

80 percent of your diet is healthy food

The idea behind the diet is that a 100% healthy diet is unlikely in the long run, but an 80% diet is, however, possible. The remaining 20 percent may be less wholesome and natural foods and therefore contain whatever else you love to eat.

80 percent of your diet is healthy food

  • The diet consists of 80% vegetables, salads, and fresh fruits.
  • 20% of your diet may be unhealthy foods.

But only 20 percent! The fact that these foods are allowed shouldn’t be a reason to eat more from this list.

The 80/20 Diet: Here’s How It Works

When implementing the 80 20 diet, you can take different approaches.

One is to divide the week:

  • If you eat an average of three times a day, 20 percent will be about four times a week.
  • All other meals are included in the healthy 80 percent of your diet.
  • Another option isthat 80 percent of one meal is healthy,and the remaining 20 percent is “not quite.”
  • 80 percent healthy food and 20 percent whatever you want.

Benefits of the 80/20 diet

One of the biggest benefits of the 80/20 diet is the availability of healthy, natural, and fresh foods.At the same time, it leaves room for maneuver, since this is not a radical diet. Because everything is permitted – but only in moderation that is not useful.

How to apply the 80-20 diet?

The diet consists of 80% vegetables, salads, fresh fruits. Basically, you can eat anything, so you don’t need to do anything.

Can the 80-20 rule be applied differently?

Yes indeed.For example, 80-20 with 20% sports.

Here are some examples:

  • 100% breakfast = a slice of whole bread with low-fat turkey ham, cucumber and tomato (80%) and cocoa (20%),
  • 100% lunch = mixed salad with pieces of chicken or fish (80 percent) and a slice of cake for dessert (20 percent),
  • Dinner 100% = One Whole Grain Sandwich (80%) and Nuts / Chips Mix (20%)
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