When Should You Visit a Pain Management Physician?

Male Doctor and patient suffering from back pain during medical exam.

Pain is a common condition that affects people of all ages and genders. Pain management physicians provide medical treatment to patients experiencing chronic pain. Often, those who suffer from acute or chronic conditions seek relief through pain management professionals. Having a plan of care provided by a professional can help alleviate physical and emotional suffering and improve the quality of life for those with debilitating problems. Patients may be referred to a pain management physician by a family physician, dentist, or specialist. Here are some other reasons why you should consider visiting a Jacksonville pain management physician.

  • You Have Persistent Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

There are times when we experience an injury, and the pain it causes goes away in a few days or weeks. Other times, we get hurt, and our body takes longer than expected to heal. Consequently, we continue to suffer from the same symptoms that initially brought us to see a doctor. If this rings true for you, it might be time to consult with a pain management physician. By reviewing your medical history, these professionals can determine what is causing you to experience persistent pain. They might suggest lifestyle changes to help relieve the condition or prescribe medications to stop the pain.

  • You Want to Stop Taking Prescription Medicines

Taking pain-killing medications can be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic or acute conditions. However, prolonged use of these drugs might result in addiction. Some people can stop taking prescription medications on their own after speaking with a doctor. Others need the help of a professional to provide them with alternative forms of treatment that do not include addictive medicine. A pain management physician has many options for their patients and can find one that works best.

  • Your Pain Does Not Respond to Medication

If you are currently taking pain medication and it does not provide the relief you need, you should visit a pain management physician. These professionals can reevaluate your current treatment plan to determine if there is anything more they can do for you. Sometimes, our bodies start to grow immune to the effects of certain medications after continued use. If this is the case, a doctor might prescribe a new drug or change the ones you are already taking.

  • Your Pain Starts Moving to Other Parts of Your Body

One of the most common signs of a person suffering from chronic pain is when their discomfort begins to move from its original location. Typically, this happens because the pain has become so severe that it spreads throughout the body. This might occur if an injury initially caused your problem or if you have been dealing with issues for months or even years. Regardless of what caused the transition, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

In summary, pain management physicians provide medical treatment to patients experiencing chronic pain. If you have persistent pain that does not go away after several weeks of home treatment, you may need to visit one. You can also see one if you want to stop taking pain medications or your pain stops responding to medications. If you have pain that starts moving to other parts of your body, you can also consider seeing a pain management specialist.