What You Need To Know About Delta-8 Cigarettes

Delta-8 cigarettes are a type of cigarette that is affected by a small insertion into its filter. When used as directed, Delta-8 Cigarettes have less tar and nicotine than other tobacco products. The benefit in reduced tar and nicotine means the product has a reduced risk for cancer and health risk when used without modification to the design.

Delta-8 cigarettes are gaining popularity due to the reduced negative effects caused by using this product. As well as reducing some of the negative effects associated with smoking, Delta-8 cigarettes also emit fewer harmful chemicals during use.

Prevalence and Distribution

Delta-8 cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes that is distributed by the Canadian company Nicocigs, which was founded in 2009. The brand was first introduced to the market in 2012, with the release of a new product line called “Unfiltered Cigarettes”. Since its introduction it has been reported to possess 15% less tar and nicotine than other tobacco products. This would make Delta-8 one of the most popular alternative tobacco products.

Each individual pack of Delta-8 cigarettes contains approximately 20 cigarettes and are sold individually. Each pack costs around $10, and as a result each individual cigarette can cost more than $6.

Delta-8s can be found in Canada, the US, and Europe.

Making and Using Delta-8s

The process of making a Delta 8 cigarette involves several steps. One of the main steps is removing tobacco from the original cigarettes in order to make way for a new product. This is done by removing tobacco from the filter within each cigarette. This allows for an insertion of an inert material (like styrofoam pellets) that alters the nicotine delivery rate by removing 25% of nicotine from each cigarette when compared to other tobacco products.

Then individual packs are made by cutting down from the original cigarettes and placing them into a machine that cuts off both ends. This process leaves an empty space in the middle of the cigarettes that will later be filled with the inert material.

When smoking a Delta-8 cigarette, one begins by removing a small piece (which is approximately 5mm deep) of the outer wrapper. Then, while applying pressure to the filter, they blow into this opening until they hear a hissing sound. This causes air to enter into the hollow space and causes smoke to emit from where it exits at the end.

Popularity in Canada and United States

Delta-8 cigarettes have gained popularity over recent years due to their reduced negative effects when compared with regular tobacco products. The reduced negative effects include; a reduced risk for cancer and risk for cardiovascular disease, materials that are harmless to health, and a reduce amount of harmful chemicals.

However, some critics of Delta-8 cigarettes argue that the reduced negative health effects are not due to design improvements but rather other tobacco products are being improperly marketed. Some critics also argue that smoking Delta-8 cigarettes can cause more harm than it would with conventional tobacco products due to the increased chance of causing a fire.