Delta 8 THC Flowers: Better Than Ever!

Delta 8 THC Flowers is a marijuana strain and has been on the market for quite some time now. It has a very high connoisseur rating of 9.3/10 due to its strong fruity flavor and aromas. The strain’s effects are compared to a “Jacuzzi in your head.” With this, it can be an effective treatment for insomnia and a variety of other conditions. Premium Delta 8 THC Hemp Flowers, also known as Delta Haze, is believed to have originated from Oregon but was also developed by DNA Genetics, hence the name.


Delta 8 THC Flowers is an indica dominant cannabis strain. It may have 3 different phenotypes with their different growth patterns, but they all produce similar yields, THC content, and overall effects. The Master Kush phenotype is the dominant pheno that has a shorter flowering time at 8-9 weeks and higher yields with THC levels reaching up to 20%. It produces larger buds that tend to be more dense and longer colas.

The Master Kush pheno grows well indoors or outdoors in moderate temperatures. As mentioned earlier, this is because of its indica dominance. If exposed to high temperatures too early on, the plant will enter into flowering without the need for any photoperiod control. Some phenotypes of Delta 8 THC Flowers also make it resistant to mold, but it may still need to be treated with mold-fighting medications. The Master Kush phenotype is one of the most popular strains in both the United States and Canada due to its strong indica effects, producing a more potent high than other strains.


Delta 8 THC Flowers, or Delta Haze, has a pungent smell and a sweet, fruity taste. It is available in 3 different phenotypes: Master Kush, Lemon Skunk, and Super Lava. The Master Kush phenotype produces large buds that are dense and longer colas. Some of these leaves will have purple tint to them. These buds also have orange hairs on them which is quite uncommon for most strains of cannabis but not for this variety as it is a common trait among the Master Kush pheno type. It also has spicy undertones along with the fruity smell which gives it a very unique distinct flavor unlike others. It can also be used to make tincture. The Lemon Skunk phenotype is a cross between Master Kush and Super Lemon Haze. These buds are extremely dense and make up for their weight in buds by the large amount of THC that they contain. They are also very long, almost half of the height of the plant. The smell is extremely sweet and pungent like those of skunk with a hint of lemon mixed in. The Super Lava phenotype has a strong, more pungent smell than the average Delta 8 THC Flowers bud. They are still very sweet, but with a much more floral undertone similar to that other varieties such as Sour Diesel or Granddaddy Purple.