A Beginner’s Guide To Proper Caring Of a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are great decorative plants. They will look good anywhere in your garden. This miniature tree is not that easy to take care of. If you are getting a bonsai tree soon, then you have to learn how to properly care for it. Let this beginner’s guide walk you through everything that you need to know about Bonsai tree care.

Best Location for a Bonsai

Before you bring your bonsai plant outdoors, it is important that you know where is the best location for it. Most bonsai, like juniper, spruce, or pine trees can be placed outdoors. There are also bonsai trees that need to be indoors. They are subtropical tree species like Hawaiian umbrella trees, jade plants, and ficus trees.

Watering Your Bonsai

If you are not careful, your bonsai can die you overwater it. It’s also not good if you under-water it. Remember that the soil layer of the bonsai tree is so shallow that it can quickly dry out. If you are watering your bonsai tree, remember that the root system of the plant needs to be fully saturated with water. To make sure that your bonsai has enough water, keep watering until all excess escapes through the draining holes.

Prune and Shape

It is crucial that you prune and shape the bonsai trees. This will ensure that you maintain its compact shape. Some gardeners prune their plants for maintenance or for structural purposes. The first type of pruning will strengthen the tree as it encourages new growth. Structural pruning on the other hand is done if the bonsai tree is dormant. How to care a bonsai tree is crucial and pruning and shaping is a crucial part of the process.

Repotting a Bonsai Plant

This process is not going to be the same when doing it on your bonsai plant. The key in repotting is to make sure that you maintain the health of the plant. Repotting is crucial to remove any excess roots that can result in starvation. Overcrowding of the roots will make it difficult for the plant to receive the right nutrients needed to thrive. Also, repotting will ensure that the bonsai will still be healthy even when it’s planted on a small pot.


Use the Right Soil

Soil is crucial for the bonsai tree to thrive. The key to choosing the right soil when repotting the plant is to make sure that it offers proper drainage. If you are preparing the soil for the first time, you need to add large particles into the mixture, like stones or volcanic rocks. This will improve the drainage and also introduce enough air into the soil.

Remember, Bonsai is not like your ordinary plants in the garden. They require extra care and maintenance. Beginners might find it difficult to make a bonsai tree thrive. That is why if this is the first time that you are having one in your garden, then make sure that you follow the tips above. This way, you know that you will provide the proper care that your bonsai tree needs even though this is your first time doing so.