Things to Remember While Practicing Muay Thai

There is no question but that Muah Thai Hong Kong is very popular. After all, what sport can offer you a chance at a high level of competition, including decent purses for the competitors, and just provides a real physical fitness workout that is all and all fun.

 Why enjoy Muay Thai Hong Kong at Hybrid MMA & Fitness? 

 The answer is, of course, as varied as those who participate in our gym measurement.

 Since we offer world-class MMA instruction, we naturally attract around 3 or 4 candidates a year that are deadly serious about participating in Muay Thai competition. Naturally, we spend a great deal of time working with these individuals one-on-one.

 But Muay Thai is not a sport in which people get better by merely going through training drills. It takes lots of sparring competition. Although they do not feel they are ready to compete for a one-on-one with these elite competitors, the more advanced students are more than thrilled to go a round or two to provide a level of sparring realism that elite athletes need. 

 Part of a team 

 One of the fantastic things about Martial Arts in General, but in Muay Thai Hong Kong in particular, is the Amazing level of camaraderie that they exhibit with one another.

 Part of this is because, unlike karate or judo, there are no black belts, brown belts, white belts, or green belts. There are just teammates and competitors.

 Muay Thai members are considered part of the family no matter how good they are or are just beginners, which is one of the significant differences between them. 

 So even if you are just a mere beginner at Muay Thai, don’t be surprised, whether you are male or female, age 16 or 70, to be welcomed with an unusual level of friendliness you may not have experienced in other MMA sports.

 Also note, that Muay Thai has no Masters that are treated like know-it-all Gods. While we have dedicated Muay Thai instructors, the sport, including the instruction, tends to be more family-oriented. Before you know it, that 16-year-old or 70-year-old newcomer three weeks ago is acting as a de facto instructor to brand new members. And unlike in other martial arts, this is encouraged, not stamped out.

 It should also be noted that the majority of Muay Thai Hong Kong participants are there because Muay Thai is a fantastic, full-body workout. Who needs rowing machines and free wights when you can kick and punch yourself into shape in half the time.

 With a rowing machine or weights, you are reminded that you are exercising every second you use them. With Muay Thai, time flies when you are having fun. 

 Be prepared for soreness 

 The only word of caution we add is to be prepared for exhaustion in your first workouts. We regularly keep a retch pail handy, particularly for newcomers, because after 30 minutes of Muay Thai, that’s about the only thing many people can manage.

 Secondly, be prepared for soreness. After your first one to three sessions of Muay Thai, be prepared to experience soreness in places of your body, you have never, ever experienced.

 Also, don’t be surprised if, after the first three-session, you need to sit out a session or two to rest.

 Everyone in Muay Thai has been through it, and though soreness may occur for a week or two, afterward, you realize that your body has never felt more alive.

 This to many muay Thai participants, particularly many women, is a degree of fitness they never achieved from a year of using a step-climber or making dance moves. 

 Visit us and see if Muay Thai Hong Kong is right for you? You may be pleasantly surprised.