The Go-to for Effective Healthcare

Reliable healthcare service is arguably the main desire of every patient who visits a healthcare facility. As a patient, you would wish to receive the best services you can get and heal within the least time possible, and would probably like to listen to a Healthcare podcast show. Calvary Urgent Care avails this in addition to personalized, friendly, and attentive care. Their board-certified practitioners offer top medical services, including fracture treatments, sports physicals, pediatrics, immigration exams, travel vaccines, and worker’s compensation in Humble, Texas. Below is a detailed explanation of some of the services offered by the institution.

  •         Fracture Treatment

Any kind of fracture necessitates immediate medical attention, whether minor or severe. The main reason behind it is that fractures can easily escalate into complications if unattended. Fractures are mainly brought about by vehicle accidents, sports injuries, occupational injuries, and overuse. People suffering from osteoporosis are more susceptible to fractures because their bones are abnormally weak. Therefore, even daily occurrences like sneezing could potentially lead to fractures. Calvary Urgent Care uses on-site x-ray imaging to analyze the extent of the condition so as to determine the best form of treatment. Once the practitioner is able to stabilize the fracture, he educates you on best practices to minimize recovery time.

  •         Sports Physicals

Sports physicals entail the analysis of your medical condition as a requirement to be allowed to participate in a certain sport. The specialists at Calvary Urgent Care conduct physicals by first assessing your medical history. Then they conduct medical examinations to analyze your current medical condition to determine whether there are underlying medical conditions and analyze your physical readiness to participate in the sport. During a sports physical, the practitioners begin by performing the usual weight, height, and blood pressure checks. They then proceed to check for irregularities, joint stability, and how you would perform under intense physical activity. It is advisable to have your sports physical at least a month before the sports to enable you to address any potential medical condition that may reveal itself.

  •         Travel Vaccines

Your body may not have developed immunity to a certain disease or condition because it has been exposed to it. However, you may be planning to travel internationally to expand your horizons, and you risk exposure to such conditions. To avoid contracting these diseases, you need preventive travel vaccines to boost your immune system and allow you to have a safe time at your destination of choice. Calvary Urgent Care specialists have immense knowledge in boosting immunity and travel vaccinations and guarantee you prevention upon exposure.

  •         Pediatrics

Children have special needs different from adults. The team at Calvary Urgent Care has extensive knowledge in children’s health spanning from emergency treatments, chronic diseases, acute illnesses, and others. Their pediatric department has little to no wait time and handles children of all ages. Your children will always be in safe hands while in their care.

Comprehensive treatment should be your only option whenever you visit a healthcare facility, as nobody should gamble with your health or the health of your family. Calvary Urgent Care practitioners offer personalized care in addition to comprehensive treatment. If you are looking for the best medical care facility, visit Calvary Urgent Care today.