Can I get vaccinated if I am pregnant? against COVID-19 

Since its first emergence, Covid-19 virus has become the worst virus that humankind has encountered in history. First started back in December 2019, a man in Wuhan province, China had been infected with a mysterious disease at that time. It was reported that the victim had symptoms such as fever, cough and also breathing difficulty. It was later discovered that the one that is responsible for this disease is a new virus, called as Covid-19. Since its first discovery, this virus has infected millions of people worldwide and the number keeps on increasing day by day. Not just that, to make matters worse, this virus has also killed thousands of innocent lives. This is the main reason why it was announced as a pandemic somewhere in early 2020. At that time, the only weapon that was deemed effective in fighting against the infection is Covid 19 vaccine. This is the only tested antidote that can help mankind to win this fight against Covid-19 virus.

In early 2020, the news announced that vaccine developers are ready and undergoing Covid-19 vaccine development. By the end of 2020, this vaccine is already available and some of them go by the name Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and also Pfizer. Almost all of the countries in the world started to import them with great urgency and planned to be used in their own Covid-19 vaccination program. Since that implementation, many people have received their vaccination shot in order to boost their immunity level. The good thing about vaccines is that it can help your body to fight infection while increasing your immunity towards a certain virus. However, there are some people that choose not to get vaccinated simply because they do not have the knowledge to do so. In fact, vaccines are actually quite safe and there are only some possible minimal side effects after the vaccination process. The most common side effects include fever, headache, pain at the injection site and also fatigue.

Most of these side effects will go off on their own after a few days, but some might persist for a few weeks. However, you do not need to worry too much because this condition is pretty normal for a normal adult. This information might be well known to all the people in this world. There is some information that might become very important such as the effect of vaccination on a pregnant woman. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to get vaccinated? Will the side effects from Covid-19 vaccination affect the mother or the child? All of these questions can and need to be answered by facts. Before the approval of Covid-19 vaccine to be used widely, researchers have shown that Covid-19 vaccine is safe for pregnant women.

It is stated in most of the research that for now, all of the Covid-19 vaccines are considered as safe to be used on pregnant women. This is because the substance used in the vaccine itself cannot cross the placenta. Hence, the side effects that will be released by the vaccine will not affect the child. However, the mother might experience the same side effects as a normal adult would do. If you think that your side effects are unusual and differ from others, you can always talk to your doctor in order to ask for their assurance and opinion. Besides that, if you think that your side effects are getting worse day by day, then you need to immediately meet your doctor as soon as possible in order for them to check for any possible complications.