Chlamydia Test and Symptoms

A simple chlamydia test is one that most people are aware of. It is an easy way for someone to detect whether they are positive or not. But what other kinds of tests are there? Here is some information on the other ones.

A vaginal swab will give you an answer to the question, is your vagina positively contaminated with chlamydia? Though you may be given a second chance to repeat the swab test later on when you have it less than two weeks after you had sex, if you’ve got it any shorter than that then you should think about getting tested for chlamydia as soon as possible. If you’ve had unprotected sex with multiple partners then your chances of contracting the infection are higher. If you’ve had oral sex with an infected partner then your chances are higher still. You should think about getting tested for chlamydia even if:

You were tested for urine or swab. These are the easiest of the tests to perform. All you need to do is go and urinate somewhere private. Your urine will be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia respectively. You can also be tested for steroids or any prescription medication you may have been prescribed. Though this test is the easiest, it doesn’t give you results immediately like a swab or urine test does.

A blood test can sometimes be a better option. It does not involve having your private parts swabbed. However, it’s another method of detecting if you have std. The tester will draw a sample of your blood to determine if you have chlamydia trachomatis. Depending on the tester’s result, you’ll either get tested for another STD or be referred to a health care professional for further at affordable prices. Canada Home Testing has a great range of test kits at affordable prices.

A direct sample of your vaginal discharge or cervix can be tested for gonorrhea. This type of STD is easy to detect with a simple swab of the inside of the vagina. The test for this STD involves injecting a drops of a dye into the vagina. The color of the dye will indicate whether you’ve been infected with gonorrhea or not. The dye will be yellow in color if you’ve been exposed to high levels of the STD. The drops will also show an image of a soft swelled material if the STD has made its way into your cervix.

A test for chlamydia that detects the presence of urinary tract infections is called a urethral swab. This is done by pushing a wet needle into your urethra. A dye will then be injected into your urethra. This type of test detects infections that happen inside of your urinary tract. Getting tested for chlamydia before becoming sexually active helps prevent many STDs. Remember that the symptoms for chlamydia don’t always involve an infection in your urethra; they could just mean that you have some symptoms and aren’t showing any signs of an infection.