The Benefits Of Spa In Old Age

After a lifetime of hard work and effort, we have reached a time when we want to rest and reap the rewards of so much commitment and dedication. In addition to our mind, our body also needs this rest.

Upon entering old age, our bodies begin to feel the weight of years, and health care needs to be redoubled! Above all, it is necessary to relax, distract the head and take care of our self-esteem to maintain the mood and the quality of life. And the place where several older adults are attending to take care of all this is the spas.

Many people over the age of 60 notice the loss or reduction of some skills, such as decreased strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Also, the risk of facing cardiovascular problems and increased blood pressure is more significant.

But all of these symptoms can be minimized with treatments that relax and bring balance to our body and mind. Treatments focused on relaxation, invigoration, tension relief with therapeutic properties can bring very positive results for those looking to take care of their health at this stage of life.

The Spa offers several options and packages that can bring back the energy and sense of well-being that has diminished over the years among massages and body and facial treatments. Some treatments are highly recommended for the elderly. They are Aromatherapy, Swedish, Hot Stones, Peel & Lift, Foot Massage, among others.

Also, attending a spa can be an excellent option to be distracted by new friendships and build a more significant personal appreciation in this delicate phase of life. That is why the Day Spa can also be an excellent option for our dear elderly. This package allows the use of the entire installation of the Spa, such as swimming pools, gym, and sauna, in any massage and treatment offered by the Spa.

Another great alternative offered by Spa is its large indoor and heated swimming pool with pool chemicals, allowing the practice of an activity that brings many therapeutic benefits for older adults, including muscle relaxation, reduced sensitivity to pain, and reduced muscle spasms, which occurs when our muscle performs involuntary contractions. Consequently, there is an improvement in blood circulation and joint movements, facilitated by decreased gravity in the water.

In addition to individual treatments, Spa also offers some packages that suit the needs of each person. The most suitable for the elderly is the Invigorating package, which includes scalding and foot massage, complete body drainage, and Beauté Lifting.

Living up to the name it receives, it is a treatment that, in just over 2 hours, leaves the person invigorated and with a renewed disposition. That is why it is highly recommended to the public of the elderly. Here and get yours now. After all, at the best age, you have to enjoy the best of life.