When Can I Drive A Mobility Scooter?

Can your scooter go faster than 10 kilometres per hour? Then you must be at least 16 to operate it. If the scooter slows down, there is no minimum age.

Mobility scooter and place on the road

You may drive a scooter on:

  • the pavement.
  • the footpath.
  • the bicycle / moped path.
  • the roadway.

If these road elements are all present, you can decide for yourself which road to take. You are not allowed to use motorways and highways.

Mobility scooter traffic rules

You must obey the traffic rules of the road on which you drive your scooter. You are not allowed to hold electronic devices such as mobile phones, navigation systems, tablets or music players while driving a scooter. The same rules apply as for texting, calling or listening to music on the bike.  If the police see you holding your phone (or another mobile electronic device) while driving, you could be fined.

Maximum speed scooter

The following speed limits apply for a scooter:

  • You may drive a maximum of 6 kilometres per hour on the sidewalk.
  • You may drive a maximum of 30 kilometres per hour on the (moped) cycle path within the built-up area. Outside the built-up area this is 40 kilometres per hour.
  • On the carriageway, except on expressways and motorways, you may drive a maximum of 45 kilometres per hour. This applies inside and outside built-up areas.

Mobility scooter lighting

On a scooter, you should use the front and rear lights during the day when visibility is poor. This does not apply if you are driving on the sidewalk.

Mobility scooter insurance

A mobility scooter does not have a license plate. However, you must have insurance against third party liability (liability insurance). As proof that your scooter is insured, you will receive an insurance sticker (formerly insurance plate). You attach this to the back of the scooter. Example of  mobility scooter is Mobilitytouch.

Mobility scooter driver’s license

You do not need a (moped) driving license to drive a scooter.


Exemption for young people under 16

Young people under the age of 16 who want to drive a scooter can apply for an exemption. This is possible on the basis of the Driving License Regulations. You can request the exemption from the road authority. Usually this is the municipality or province.

Driving a closed disabled vehicle

The same rules apply to driving a closed disabled vehicle as for a scooter. Examples of closed disabled vehicles with bodywork are the Canta, Amica, Arola and Mini Cruiser City.

Mobility scooter dimensions

Handicapped vehicles with motor and without bodywork (mobility scooter) are allowed:

  • not wider than 1.10 meters;
  • no longer than 3.50 meters;
  • no higher than 2.00 meters.

Microcar in original condition, not a disabled vehicle

A microcar is not basically a disabled vehicle. Is a microcar adapted for use by a driver with a physical disability? And does it meet the dimensions of a disabled vehicle? Then it can use the public road as a disabled vehicle.

Dimensions of microcar

Microcars are allowed:

  • not wider than 1.50 meters;
  • no longer than 3.50 meters;
  • no higher than 2.00 meters.

Also, for the non-disabled

A mobility scooter is a disabled vehicle by law. But even if you do not have a disability, you are allowed to use a mobility scooter (or another disabled vehicle).

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