Hush-Kush Smell Proof Pouches

Although the use of cannabis has been widely accepted over time, there is still a lot of stigmatization surrounding its use. To help cannabis and cigarette users carry around their products and enjoy them wherever they go, Hush Kush smell proof pouch allows the users of these products to move them around without the smell from the products disturbing other people. The Hush Kush pouches help maintain their products’ quality by ensuring that moisture from the surrounding does not get into the bags. This way, the products are kept in perfect condition in terms of their flavor and effectiveness.

The Hush Kush Pouches have a variety of advantages. They include;

  1. They are easily portable.

The pouches are small and lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around. This feature, in particular, is helpful for cannabis users since they can conveniently carry around the bag. The pouches are designed to fit into other slightly larger bags or even in pockets, which makes carrying cannabis comfortable while at the same time preserving the products’ smell and flavor. The bags have a variety of sizes that give the user a variety of choices according to the user’s needs and convenience.

2    They are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable

Hush Kush takes into consideration environmental conservation and hence uses materials that are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. The pouches can also be washed and hence re-useable. This helps maintain hygiene while at the same time preserving the quality of the product.

3     They are waterproof and smell proof.

The Hush Kush pouches are waterproof, which ensures that moisture does not ruin the products’ quality. Rain and water surfaces do not affect the quality of the products, which makes the bags user-friendly. They are also smell proof which helps ensure that the smell from the products does not affect other people.

4    They are customizable

Hush Kush pouches can be customized to suit the user’s preference in terms of size and appearance. The pouches are designed to look useful and fashionable. The size of the Hush Kush pouches can be designed as per the specifications of the user. The bags come in different sizes, and the different sizes are charged differently. The bags’ sizes enable the buyer to buy one that will suit them best in terms of the size and the price since the different pouch sizes are charged differently.