Step By Step To Achieve Perfect Skin

The first step (which involves so many others) to achieve that wonderful makeup is to prepare the skin. This preparation phase is super essential for the knowledge of the traits and even for highlighting them. In addition to leaving that peach skin look that everyone loves! To answer questions, metropolitan skin clinic did a complete step-by-step to achieve beautiful and well-made skin.


The first step is to have clean skin. The skin must be free of any impurities before starting makeup. Wash your face with deep cleansing soap. If your skin has any traces of makeup, first remove it with a makeup remover, and only wash your face with soap.

Tone Up

After finishing the skin, apply a toner to help close the pores and leave the skin looking healthier. The toner works great to keep the skin from getting oily. In addition, it also assists in the recovery of skin vitamins.


Moisturizing the skin is essential so that makeup doesn’t get cracked and prevents the skin from suffering from the products that will be applied. It is worth remembering that hydration is essential as a daily care routine, as it is responsible for balancing the amount of water in the skin, leaving a healthy and beautiful appearance.


The primer has the function of preparing the skin to receive the makeup. The product cleans the skin, fills in pores, and sets makeup for longer. Want more? You know those unwanted expression lines? The primer also disguises. There is the option to apply it with your fingers or with a foundation brush.


Foundation is most favorite makeup product. With different textures, finishes, and coverages, the foundation is the protagonist of perfect skin. Applied right after the primer, it evens the skin, disguises and smoothes imperfections, and adds shine to the face – be careful! – In oily skin, the foundation’s intention should be the most matte appearance. Using the foundation is simple: apply it all over the face with a foundation brush or sponge and spread it out well, so it doesn’t look too heavy.

Liquid Paper

We have reached the stage of makeup that eliminates any trace of imperfection left by the foundation. Concealer is famous for correcting dark circles, but it is not restricted to them: any mark or apparent blemish can be disguised by concealer. You can use the product in the version you prefer – liquid, creamy, stick, or pencil- always looking for the best skin tone.

Compact Powder

The skin is almost done! Now is the time to dust off the toiletry bag. The product seals the foundation and the concealer, ensuring their fixation and controlling the shine of the skin. The powder is also essential to ensure that production lasts longer. The product can be found in the following forms: compact, translucent powder composed of minerals and looser ones. To apply the powder, use a large, fluffy brush and distribute the product over the entire T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, and chin).


After the powder, it’s time to give the skin a fresh touch, and that’s where the blush comes in! The product is applied to the cheekbones and leaves the makeup looking healthy, with flushed cheeks. A great tip for finding the right place to apply blush is to smile in front of the mirror, identify the point where your cheeks are higher, and voilà!


Finally, we come to the final touch of fantastic skin. As the name already says, the illuminator can illuminate and highlight some strategic points of the face. To leave the skin ready, the illuminator can be applied to the cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, eyes, and eyebrows. Attention to the product versions: liquid, stick, and powder. For more about laser such as BBL laser in Minnesota, you can visit website.

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