Dental Bonding –Uses, Procedure, And Longevity of Results 

Dental bonding has gained much popularity over the years because it enhances the appearance with little invasion in your teeth. People in Fresno, California, are determined to get a perfect smile since it is not only for aesthetics but also to bring out confidence in people. If someone has chipped teeth or is struggling with gaps between their teeth, dental bonding is a one-stop solution. 

It is an affordable, quick, and effective solution to get a more attractive smile. You can book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Fresno, CA, to fix your imperfections and flaunt your smile. 

Let us look at the uses, procedures, and longevity of dental bonding: 

Uses of dental bonding:

  • Restoring chipped or broken teeth:

People get dental bonding done to fix their broken teeth, which may have occurred due to some accident or dental trauma. Resin is generally used and applied in the affected area in bonding to reshape the tooth. 

  • It can be used for filing cavities. 

They can be used to fill cavities in the visible areas of a person’s mouth, where aesthetics can be a concern for many. Resin is matched to the color of a person’s tooth to ensure seamless bleeding with the surrounding teeth.

  • It can be helpful in closing gaps between teeth.

Many residents in Fresno might be concerned about the gap between their teeth. Dental bonding provides a non-invasive solution to fill in the gaps. It gives a more aesthetically pleasing smile to people’s faces. 

Procedures involved in dental bonding:

  • Preparing the material to match the color of a person’s teeth:

It does not involve extensive preparation; composite resin will be selected to match the patient’s teeth. 

  • Application of bonding: 

A rough surface or texture is created on the tooth, which allows the bonding material to adhere securely. Then, the composite resin is applied to the tooth and is molded in the shape according to the surrounding teeth. 

  • Sculpting the bonding: 

The bonding is carefully sculpted to get the desired shaped tooth for the patient. It ensures that the patient receives natural-looking teeth. 

  • Securely bonding:

This is done by using a special light to harden the material used for bonding. It ensures safe bonding with the tooth’s surface. 

Longevity of Bonding: 

Dental bonding can last up to 3 to 10 years. It depends on your oral hygiene practices, dietary practices, etc. If you maintain it properly with regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups, you are likely to increase the longevity of your dental bonding. 

Get the dental bonding done in Fresno today!

Dental bonding is a preferable and convenient option for people of this generation. It is minimally invasive and is an excellent cosmetic dental procedure.