Invisalign: The Best Way to Fix Crooked Teeth

Many patients with crooked and misaligned teeth have low self-esteem and cannot open their mouths to talk or speak freely. Fortunately, there is a way to restore attractiveness in their smile through Yonkers Invisalign treatment. Although other orthodontic treatments like dental braces eliminate oral misalignment, Invisalign is the best option for patients who do not prefer visible fences on their teeth. This treatment straightens teeth using nearly invisible devices. Your doctor will keep replacing the clear aligners until you achieve your desired results.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

After struggling with a misaligned smile and crooked teeth, the last thing you want is a treatment that makes your teeth stand out before getting your desired results. If you crave the option of interacting with others freely without feeling like your teeth are the main focus, Invisalign is the proper treatment for you. This treatment uses clear aligners that fit seamlessly on your teeth, and other people will hardly notice them.

Convenience is another plus with invisalign for teens sandston va. You will be able to remove the aligners any time you wish so that you can eat and speak freely. Also, removing the aligners gives you a chance to brush and floss your teeth to maintain a clean and fresh mouth.

Other orthodontic appointments like braces installation usually take longer than Invisalign because they consist of metal brackets or wires that your doctor needs to insert carefully.

Invisalign consists of a structured treatment plan involving advanced imaging technology to depict how your teeth will move from their initial position to the ideal one. Therefore, this treatment allows you to see how your teeth will look after the treatment is complete.

How does Invisalign work?

This orthodontic treatment moves teeth to the desired position. Unlike other dental treatments like the use of braces, Invisalign not only controls how the teeth move but when. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your results on the imaging technology. The treatment plan will include a series to move your teeth through specific portions using different aligners. This timing strategy will ensure efficiency in your treatment and get the results you want as fast as possible.

How often will you need to see your dentist for Invisalign adjustments?

Dentists usually recommend patients go for Invisalign adjustments after about a month. You do not have to worry about lengthy Invisalign appointments. Your dentist will only replace your aligners with a new set. However, the need for Invisalign replacement will depend on how your treatment is progressing.

Is Invisalign treatment painful?

You should expect to feel a sensation of pressure in your teeth during the first few days of wearing your aligners. This sensation will also occur every time you receive new sets during each stage of your treatment. The pressure might present as a slight discomfort. Some patients also develop sore gums. Do not be worried if you feel pain, as this proves that the aligners are effectively moving the position of your teeth.

Contact Yonkers Dental Arts if you want to eliminate crookedness in your teeth and restore a beautifully aligned smile that will boost your self-esteem.