How to use the nicotine patches?

The nicotine patches are used to help people to quit smoking. They provide a source of nicotine that reduces the withdrawal symptoms experienced when smoking is stopped. The nicotine patches come in various strengths and may be used for different length of time. However, you can buy nicotine patches on your own. Still, you need to carefully follow your prescription label’s directions and ask your pharmacist to explain the part you don’t understand. It would help if you used the nicotine patches precisely as directed. If you confused on how to use nicotine patch 21mg here are the steps on how to use the nicotine patches.

Steps to follow before using nicotine patches:

Refer to your pharmacist or doctor that if you are allergic to any drugs. Consult your doctor and pharmacist about what prescriptions you are taking. Have an exact look that you have ever had an irregular heart rate, ulcers, high blood pressure, thyroid and other health condition. You should not consume while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant while using nicotine patches, call your doctor immediately because it will cause harm to the fetus. Make sure that you follow these things before you consume nicotine patches.

How to choose strength?

Depending on body size and smoking habits, you should take the dosage. Most people who smoke should start using a full-strength patch daily for four weeks and then use a weaker patch for another four weeks. The nicotine patch should be changed every day, and you should use it in the morning on the clean skin without any hair over there. You can be placed below the neck and above the waist.

Their dosage:

  • 7mg/ 24 hour (low)
  • 14mg/24 hour (medium)
  • 21mg/24 hour (high)

How to apply?

A nicotine patch effectively looks like a more extensive plaster. The outer patch contains an adhesive that can stick on your skin and holds the patch in place. The inner part will have the nicotine, and you should press close to the skin to enable effective release and delivery. You can apply the patch on the upper arm, hip or chest where it does not contain any hair. You should clean and dry the place before you use it. After removing the seal, apply the patch straight away to the skin without touching it. Only struck once to your skin, press down firmly for around 10 minutes make sure that becomes flat and secure before washing. When it is time to change the new patch, peel it from your skin and use it in a different area.   

Home massage:

If you have been decided to overcome the smoking habit, it is an excellent idea to use the nicotine patch. After you use a nicotine patch for a day, give your body a gentle massage to make it comfortable. It is recommended to do 10 minutes of massage on the area in which you have been used the nicotine patches. The massage will provide your body with a steady minded throughout the day.

Final thoughts:

These are the necessary steps to follow while you are using the nicotine patches. Use it in the correct way to overcome smoking and have a healthy life.