How can LGBTQ Individuals Raise Families?

It takes a lot of courage to accept who you are and stay true to it without listening to people’s opinions. I think the LGBTQ family understands it better. Thankfully, in today’s world, people have embraced recognizing and respecting them, unlike the past days where they lived in fear of violation and even murder.

The truth is no one is better; we are just different, they are different, and it would be good if we appreciated that. Santa Monica LGBTQ fertility options at California Center for Reproductive Health are only one way of providing support.

Dr. Mor and the team hope to meet every person’s dream of becoming a parent regardless of their sexual identity. Make your inquiries today for more details.

For many years California Center for Reproductive Health has worked with LGBTQ families to help them raise and grow their own families. There is no doubt their fertility choices are different as well as limited. Not to mention the emotional, financial and legal issues involved; hence requiring exceptional understanding and attention.

From coordinating egg donation to selecting an egg or sperm donor and gestational carrier choices, the practice commits to supporting all patients to create families. The practice takes pride in providing various customized reproductive options in a safe and compassionate environment.

What are the reproductive choices for a gay couple or single men?

For reproduction to work in gay couples and single men, there is a need for an egg donor and a gestational surrogate. Traditional surrogacy is among the most available fertility options in this case. The surrogate serves as the egg donor.

Pregnancy occurs from artificial insemination from one person’s or a combination of their sperm. This treatment option is easy and affordable while effective at achieving pregnancy.

The other option is gestational surrogacy, where the egg donor and the surrogate are different persons. The treatment is more engaging compared to traditional surrogacy. It involves the following.

  • Stimulating the egg donor’s ovaries to generate several eggs
  • Harvesting the eggs
  •  Egg fertilization with sperm
  • Embryo transfer to surrogate’s uterus

Similar to traditional surrogacy, one man’s or both men’s sperm may be used for fertilization. Both treatment options also require screening and testing of the parties involved to enhance eligibility and successful conception.

What are the fertility options for lesbian couples or single women?

Artificial insemination with donor sperm

Sperm donation is the vital key in enhancing reproduction in lesbian couples or single women. Artificial insemination involves the provider placing healthy and viable sperm in a woman’s uterus for fertilization.

Directed donor insemination

It involves sperm donation from a well-known individual or relative.

Combining sperm donation with assisted reproductive technology

This treatment option is ideal for women experiencing infertility issues. Your specialist conducts in vitro fertilization using donor sperm to enhance high chances of pregnancy.

Other options for lesbian or single women include egg and embryo freezing for future use.

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Everyone deserves the right to raise a family no matter who they are. For the LGBTQ community, it is comprehensive and with many obstacles. Dr. Mor commits to making the process easier and achievable. Call California Center for Reproductive Health today to learn more.