Important Dos and Don’ts after a slip and fall injury

In most cases, the reaction to slip and fall injury pompano fl is having a laugh and saying ‘I’m fine’. But, sometimes the same fall can give you a severe medical injury and pain. Sometimes it may be because you weren’t actually paying attention, but other times, it’s not your fault. Rather you fell because the floor was wet, the flooring is too slippery or something tripped you. In states like Atlanta, the property manager or company can be held accountable for your injury. Slip and fall personal injuries are quite complicated and startled by the incident, people often bind themselves.

Here are some important dos and don’ts from experienced slip and fall attorney Atlanta, for such incidents.

  1. DO seek immediate medical attention
    Though it may not feel like in that moment, falls can lead to some severe injuries. Every year thousands of people suffer from fractures, tissue damage and critical injuries because of falls. So, at this moment, your well being should be your topmost priority. Internal injuries and physical trauma can take some time to surface. Get proper treatment and evaluation you need.
  2. DO review the surrounding and record evidence
    If you intend to file for a personal injury claim, pay attention to the details. Right at that moment take note of things that led to your fall. Was it something you tripped on? Or was the floor wet and there were no sign boards. Was the floor damaged or something else made you fall? Take pictures, look around and make a self-assessment report.
  3. DON’T discuss the incident with the employees or anyone else
    In case of a slip and fall, the property manager would try their best to deny any responsibility. Whatever you say or how you act can affect your case. Don’t do anything that could give them an advantage. Stick to the facts and don’t try to justify or deliberate the incident.
  4. DO notify the incident and get a copy of the report
    For a slip and fall accident, the incident report is important evidence. If you fall in a store, office or within controlled premises, you should report the incident to the manager or concerned authorities. Be concise and stick to the facts, don’t take responsibility or add irrelevant details. Also, get a copy of the incident report to build your case.
  5. DON’T sign any release or settle
    The estate managers and owners would try their best to simmer down the matter and deny any responsibility. By settling or signing waivers, you would be giving away your bargaining chip. Also, don’t interact with the insurance companies or give any statements on the record without your attorney present.

Dealing with personal injury lawsuits and slip and fall cases can be daunting. There are so many variables and aspects to it, only an experienced attorney can navigate through. If you or someone you know have suffered a fall injury, you should contact an attorney. Experienced attorneys at Ponton Law can help you represent your interests and fight your case.