Choosing the Best Berkey Replacement Filters

Clean drinking water is essential for everyone because it hydrates their bodies and gives them adequate energy to continue doing their daily activities. Most would buy water filters because it ensures their drinking water stays safe and clean. You can even find some that would have tons of Berkey replacement filters because they use the water filter all the time.

When purchasing a water filter for the first time, you need to consider several vital facts to ensure you get the perfect one. Many have experienced buying water filters without doing the necessary research, so they would end up disappointed. If you want your first purchase to go smoothly, you should know simple tips on choosing the best water filter.

Determine the Filter You Need

With the many variants of water filters in the market, you may find it hard to know which ones can meet your needs. Some would get even overwhelmed because of the many exceptional water filter options, but you should have no worries when you do thorough planning and researching.

People who have experience choosing and buying water filters would usually have several questions to ask like whether the water filter will only be used to clean drinking water. Asking yourself is the best way to determine what you want your water filter to do. Once you ask essential questions to yourself, it will become easier to choose the perfect water filter to use for a long time.

How Much You Are Willing to Spend

Since there are many water filters to choose from, you have to choose which ones can fit your budget range. If you want to gauge how much you should spend, it would be best to use the internet and look at each water filter’s price. You should also compare the prices from similar ones to give you an idea of which ones can fit within your budget.

You can find several simple water filters that would go under $20 because they do not offer too many exciting features. But if you have extra money to spare, you can choose water filters that cost hundreds of dollars and require a professional to install it. Do not forget to consider the maintenance and other accessories like the filter cartridges. Your budget might run out if you only focus on the water filter and forget the other essential accessories and maintenance.

Take Into the Account the Water Filter’s Size

A mistake that new buyers do with water filters is they tend to forget what size they need. In some instances, they might end up buying a water filter that is too small to accommodate enough people. It can get tedious filling up the water filter frequently if it keeps running out, so the best option is to purchase a larger water filter.

If you do not have a family and are currently living alone, you do not need to buy a large water filter. You are better off owning one that can let you store clean drinking water for at least three days until it runs out or you need to replace the old water. Do not forget to consider the size if you want to avoid contacting the store to replace it. You should call yourself lucky if the store would even let you replace the water filter for another one without having to pay additional costs.

Replaceable or Reusable Water Filter Cartridges

The water filter cannot provide clean drinking water without its main component; the filter. You need to know that water filters will need their filter cartridges replaced after a while. A good tip in knowing when to replace them is to note the taste when the filter cartridge was still brand new. If you notice a peculiar water taste, that could be a clear sign that the filter cartridge needs replacing right away. It would be best to stock up on Berkey replacement filters if you change the filter cartridge more often than usual.

But for others, they would prefer to get a water filter where they can wash the filter cartridge and reuse them. While it may be the most cost-effective way of providing clean drinking water, you need to be careful when washing or handling it because reusable filter cartridges usually get damaged easily. Ensure you never drop it to avoid damaging it. Sometimes, it can get internal damage that is usually difficult to spot, making your water filter unable to clean your drinking water.

Choosing the best water filter will be easy once you remember the useful tips when buying one. Once you get the perfect water filter, you will not have any issue providing safe and clean water for a long time.