Benefits Of a Gym And How To Set It Up

The need for physical exercise and Team Buildings Activities for Kids is already proven, regardless of age. A sedentary lifestyle can generate several long-term problems. The more incentive a child has to do physical activity, the more likely they will continue exercising as adults. According to the Physical Activity Guide, the benefits of regular exercise can:

  • Help in the development of motor coordination
  • Assist in cognitive functions and readiness to learn
  • Contributes to psychological and social skills
  • Heart health evolves
  • Positively develop the physical condition
  • Provide healthier bone and muscle growth
  • Generate well-being
  • Decrease risk of obesity
  • Assist in school performance
  • Bring more quality of life

How To Set Up A Gym For Kids

There are several issues to consider. For example, a gym aimed at children up to 5 years old can be quite different from a gym for older children up to 10 years old. 

Define Your Main Audience

To structure the place, decorate, and prepare the activities, you must know which age group you are dealing with. It might be better for children up to 10 years old to add more colorful elements and create a more playful environment. Over the age of 10, children begin to enter the pre-adolescent phase and may prefer something less childish. The activities and needs of each age group are also different. Each age may require a type of motor development, balance, and understanding of exercises.

Prepare The Activities

Knowing the age group, it is easier to understand the types of activities that can be passed. A nice tip is to combine the exercise with an educational song to stimulate the child even more. Children aged 3 to 5 years: activities that involve walking, running, turning, throwing, climbing objects, kicking, and jumping. Even better if they are part of jokes and games. 

From 6 years: jumping, pushing, and pulling movements. At this age, it’s nice to include practice or some sports moves.

Structure Your Space

The structure will ensure greater security and functionality of your space. In addition to considering the activities that will be given, you need to offer a place with as little risk as possible. Thinking that children will fall is inevitable. What is preventable are injuries. So invest in a safe structure.

A great example of safety is the rubber floors that absorb impacts. This material is the most suitable if you place any device with a height that allows a fall. NBR 16.071 is intended for playgrounds, but you can base yourself on it and the thicknesses it indicates for each critical height. With the space set up, and activities planned, it may be time to invite people to bring their children to an experimental class.