Edna W. Austin


What is alkaline water and how you can get it from the tap?

Surely more than once you have heard about the healthy properties of alkaline water and its many benefits. According to a scientific study, drinking alkaline water offers health benefits, helps slow the aging process, regulates the body's pH levels, and...


3 Must Buy Non-Medical Face Masks 

A face mask is the ideal protection against germs, dust, and pollutants. Their demand has seen a sudden surge during the current COVID-19 situation. This demand has encouraged many companies to manufacture non-medical face masks for the public since there...


Hemorrhoids: What are the Symptoms?.

  The word ‘hemorrhoids’ is no longer a foreign word to most people. This disease is a very common disease, with a wide selection of hemorrhoids remedies, be it the latest modern treatment choice or traditional remedy that we call...


How to Grow Cannabis Indoors Safely

Let us expect that you have sprouted the seeds, and afterward right now is an ideal opportunity for the genuine cycle of developing cannabis inside.  Select a suitable spot for its development:  Choosing a suitable spot is essential for its...

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