Acne Countermeasures – A Quick Guide In Preventing & Controlling Acne

Acne is a common skin problem that can affect anyone. Both young and old can experience this type of skin problem that affects us physically and psychologically. Acne is caused due to the blockage of tiny holes in the skin called hair follicles to become blocked – causing sebum (an oil that keeps our skin from drying out) to get trapped. When the sebum gets trapped, it causes skin inflammation – this skin inflammation gets exposed and infected by a bacteria called P. Acnes that turns the inflammation into acne. 

While acne can be problematic for most people, there are several products like cleansers for acne, topical creams and other forms of treatment against this common type of skin problem. However, some would practice acne control to prevent further breakouts.

All About Acne Control

Acne control is an effective method you can do to control and prevent acne breakout from developing. While it’s not an official part of a medical skincare term, it is a label on managing on keeping the acne problem under control. With products such as cleansers for acne, exfoliation scrub, creams, you can use them as part of your acne control regimen.

Foods for Controlling Acne

There are costly facial treatments and other therapies to relieve the face from acne problems like a cleanser for sensitive skin and other topical creams. However, some choose to combat acne using a healthy diet plan. Having a healthy food selection can lessen acne breakouts, specifically foods that are rich in vitamins A and E, antioxidants, omega-3 and zinc. The mentioned nutrients are linked to lower acne problems, making them an excellent food diet for your anti-acne diet regimen. Foods like sardines, salmon, mackerel, nuts, various seeds, vegetables and fruit are great for controlling acne. 

Food & Acne: Are They Correlated?

Unlike using products such as cleansers for acne – which are clinically proven, foods and diet plans remain debatable as to whether they play a huge role in treating acne or not. However, some studies show that certain foods can affect hormones. One hormone called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) suggests its correlation to the production of the body’s sebum. Certain foods can affect the level of IGF-1, and preventing foods that raise their level may help improve the acne problem.

Other Products As Part of Acne Control


Dehydrated skin sheds more dead skin cells that can clog pores. Drinking water and using a moisturiser can replenish the fluid within your skin that help prevent skin from drying. Most of the time, dermatologists would advise you to drink at least eight glasses of water per day and maintaining consistent use of moisturisers can keep your skin glowy and avoid drying out. 

Many skincare products, even cleansers and toners can contain chemical ingredients that can trigger a reaction and aggravate acne. You can always look for cleansers for combination skin or skincare solutions that are mild and don’t contain chemicals to trigger acne. If you use make-up, it is recommended to use non-comedogenic skincare products to avoid clogging of pores. 

Acne Cleansers

Acne cleansers are facial skincare products designed to remove dead skin cells, microbes, dust and dirt, making the skin clean and clear. There are cleansers for acne, oily skin, dry skin and combinations to cater for people with different skin types. 

Generally, acne cleansers are to be used once or twice a day in conjunction with toners and moisturisers. Acne cleansers work better than soap because of the high pH value that can throw off the body’s pH balance and trigger skin problems. It’s often best to use cleansers with lukewarm water and apply the cleanser all over the face down to the neck and throat.

Acne lotions

Acne lotions are topical products like creams. It contains an ingredient to soothe the symptoms and stop the acne infection from progressing. Like cleansers for acne, acne lotions can be used once or twice per day, depending on the condition and recommendation. However, it requires washing the affected area with a mild cleanser before applying the lotion.

Managing Your Stress & Other Guidelines To Prevent & Control Acne


Stress is among the culprits of numerous health problems and skin disorders. Stress can be a major factor for developing acne breakouts and propelling its severity since it leaves the skin dry due to the body’s unique chemistry. While adults can use cleansers and sunscreen for acne prone skin, the problem doesn’t just stop there. Having optimal mental wellness by eating healthy food choices, exercising and sleeping well are recommended for preventing stress and anxiety. 

Some of the acne control guidelines recommended by specialists are:

  • Wash your face twice a day gently with mild soap or use cleansers for acne to keep your skin free from dust, dead cells and germs
  • Avoid or minimise using oil-based products. 
  • Avoid using skincare products with harsh ingredients to prevent irritation.
  • Talk to a dermatologist/skin care specialist about which cleanser for oily skin or other products will suit your skin type.
  • Maintain your body in balanced weight by having a well-crafted diet plan
  • Give anti-acne products time to take effect and clear up lesions – which can take around weeks to months.
  • Always wear sunscreen with SPF-50 when going outdoors to avoid ultraviolet from damaging your skin.

The Bottom Line

While you can use cleansers for acne, moisturisers, toners, sunscreens, and other available skin care products, pairing it with a healthy lifestyle while controlling your stress is the most effective method for preventing acne. Seeing a doctor is also advisable to provide you with the most accurate treatment and prescribed skincare products suitable for your skin type.

Acne might not be unavoidable, but the acne control approaches discussed here shows that many alternatives can solve the problem apart from costly clinical treatments. Using the right products and having a healthy lifestyle can help you go a long mile – making your skin healthy and beautiful!

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