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Banish Blemishes: Tips for Battling Acne

Individuals who suffer from severe acne also feel the negative effects in their lives socially, emotionally, and mentally. Researchers have shown in multiple studies the relationships between acne and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, low self-confidence, and...


Naturally Tighten Your Loose Skin

Saggy and loose skin is an ailment that decreases one’s quality of life, sometimes in notable ways. Saggy skin on or near the face, throat, arms, belly areas, and other regions of the body can leave some people with a...


Common Anti-Vaping Misinformation

The demand for electronic cigarettes continues to rise among the general public. These devices are generally used in social settings and by people who are trying to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Yet, the vape industry is plagued with inaccuracies and...


Benefits of Thyme Tea

Thyme is said to be the driest and strongest among herbs. Its history dates back to ancient Egypt where it was used for embalming. Among the ancient Greeks and Romans, thyme has been a superstar among herbs. The Romans believed...


Maintain Healthy Hair with Dr. CORY Tips

Thousands of people are suffering from hair loss issues. Selecting an FUE hair transplant is the most effective way to recover hair loss from the most common cause of hair loss known as androgenic alopecia. PRP Toronto (platelet-rich plasma therapy)...

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