What Makes the Anti Ageing Deal That You Can Think About

As you get older, your heart beats more slowly and pumps less blood. Lung capacity decreases. The amount of oxygen that reaches the muscles decreases. However, oxygen is a vital fuel for muscles; without it they simply cannot function. A decrease in oxygen uptake by the muscles is one of the main reasons for the decline in physical fitness that one experiences as one ages. The gradual loss of strength, endurance and flexibility induces an incapacitating process which leads to frailty, physical functional limitation and dependence. Peak oxygen uptake peaks around age 35 and begins to decline between age 50 and 60, with the greatest drop occurring after age 60.

We are all getting old

However, recent research shows that regular aerobic exercise can lower biological age by 10 years or more because it improves mitochondria function. The mitochondria are the furnace of the cell: it is responsible for the production of energy in the cell and this is where the final stages of the respiratory cycle take place. Cells can produce more energy when mitochondria are efficient. To illustrate this principle, take the example of a person who has a cut: rapid healing is a sign of good health, but a wound that is slow to heal indicates poor health or disease. The same principle applies to cells: the degree of activity is directly related to the efficiency of the mitochondria.

  • The more intense the exercise, the greater the improvement in mitochondrial function, causing in older adults a remarkable return of the genetic fingerprint to levels similar to those of younger adults.

The Use of Research

Research has also shown an increase in muscle strength. Such a reversal in DNA fingerprinting levels gives credence to the value of exercise not only as a means of improving health status but also of reversing the aging process, which is an added incentive to be. Indulge in exercise as you age. And it’s never too late to start. You can Contact us to learn more  if you make use of the NMN powder. The results are there for anti – ageing and there comes the best deal now.



It is not enough to provide our body with plenty of antioxidant substances through food and supplements. It is also necessary to limit the oxidizing factors or the producers of free radicals, already mentioned. Finally, the regular practice of a sport, long walks in the open air in any season, sufficient sleep and above all a positive mental attitude play an essential role in the fight against aging and, of course, in the maintenance of our health. We are what we eat, of course, but also what we think. And nothing makes you old like obsessing over age.