What Is The Purpose Of A Breath Analyzer?

In connection with the tightening of responsibility for driving while intoxicated, alcohol analyzers are becoming increasingly important for both ordinary drivers and entrepreneurs, traffic police officers, drug dispensaries. The most accurate and objective way to determine alcohol is breath spectrophotometric method. The professional electronic alcohol analyzer Soberlink will help you determine the level of alcohol in your blood with the highest accuracy.

The portable alcohol analyzer Soberlink with autonomous power supply allows you to quickly and accurately detect alcohol in the body by exhaled air. A short exit is enough, and then the ultra-sensitive spectrophotometric analyzer will conduct a highly accurate analysis of the alcohol content in just 3 seconds.

Uses of a breath analyzer

The principle of operation of the alcohol analyzer Soberlink reviews provides absolute selectivity for other unmeasured components of exhaled air, such as: acetone, gasoline, diethyl ether, acetic acid, dichloromethane and other aromatic components of human exhalation.

The measurement result and accompanying messages are displayed on the liquid crystal display. The process of determining alcohol in the analyzer is fully automated and eliminates the possibility of error or falsification of readings. Exhaled air is sampled through a replaceable disposable mouthpiece and funnel for express control. The final result of the examination of the patient, as well as accompanying information, including the date and current time of the measurement, can be printed on paper in the form of a protocol.

Alcohol analyzers are used in the practice of the State traffic inspectorate to determine the state of intoxication and examination of road users, in drug treatment rooms to determine the presence of alcohol in the body, as well as for pre-trip inspections of vehicle drivers.


  • automatic measurement of the concentration of ethanol vapours in exhaled air with the provision of the result on a liquid crystal display;
  • registration of interrupted exhalation, incomplete exhalation and the presence of alcohol in the oral cavity, as well as displaying violations on the display and in protocols;
  • express control of drunkenness by a short exhalation;
  • detection of the smell of alcohol on the breath of a person, during a conversation or a short exhalation;
  • determining the presence of alcohol in an unconscious person;
  • printing of a measurement protocol containing the serial number of the device, the date and time of the measurement, the value of the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air on the built-in printing device;

The Soberlink device’s procedure of identifying alcohol in the body is totally automated, removing the chance of mistake or manipulation of readings. The gadget allows for the measurement of ethanol content in the ambient air, as well as the detection of incomplete exhalation and the exhalation of a weak sample. The liquid crystal display on the instrument displays the measurement results as well as any related messages. 

A built-in printer records the final result of the patient’s examination, as well as supporting information such as the device number, date, and current time of measurement, on paper in the form of a protocol. Before each measurement, the initial measurement conditions are established using neutral air that has been cleansed of ethanol using a specific filter.

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