What Is Neck Pain?

Many patients complain of neck pain which is discomfort beneath the head and around the cervical part of the spine. There are many reasons to explain neck pain. Most of the time, the pain comes from an injury or a pre-existing medical condition. The doctors at McNulty Spine help patients understand the root cause of neck pain in Henderson, enhancing their quality of life by allowing them to get back to daily activities.

What Are the Various Kinds of Neck Pain?

There are two types of neck pain:

  •         Axial neck pain is pain that exists only in the neck.
  •         Radicular neck pain is when the pain spreads onto other surrounding body parts like the shoulders or arms.
  •         Acute neck pain can last up to 6 weeks maximum.
  •         Chronic neck pain can last longer than three months

Who Can Be Affected by Neck Pain?

This condition is common, with women having a higher risk of developing neck pain than men. Older people are also at higher risk of having neck pain because their spine is aged and more vulnerable to stress and injury.

What Does Neck Pain Feel Like?

Every patient has a distinct description of neck pain. What neck pain will feel like to you depends on various factors like the type and severity of your condition. Also, the case of your pain will contribute to the overall sensation. Most patients describe neck pain as:

  •         Persistent, this description is typical for chronic neck pain.
  •         Stabbing or burning.

Other symptoms that may accompany your neck pain include headache, increased sensitivity, and numbness. Tension in the neck muscles is also a common sign of cervical pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are various explanations for neck pain. The most common medical issues and injuries associated with neck pain include:

  •         Aging- Older patients are at risk of degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis that develop as people age. For this reason, any stress or extreme motion can cause cervical disc degeneration that may come out as neck pain.
  •       Injury- Suddenly moving your neck may cause trauma that can bring about soreness and pain. It is essential to move your head, appreciate your limits, and not try to force movement because this may negatively affect the spine in your neck and cause you discomfort.
  •         Mental stress- One of the best ways to relieve tension and anxiety is to massage your neck muscles because the buildup of pressure can cause stiffness and pain.
  •     Physical strain- Overusing your neck without allowing time for relaxation is detrimental to the health of your neck. Avoid repetitive strenuous activities and give enough time for your neck to recover whenever you undergo physical stress.
  •         Poor posture- Sitting for long periods while working on a computer can cause your cervical spine to adopt poor posture. After some time, you will complain of neck pain.

Why Is Care and Management of Neck Pain Critical?

Find a suitable medical provider that will conduct a thorough physical exam on your neck to understand the cause of your pain and thus develop an appropriate treatment plan that will help you relieve your pain. Contact McNulty Spine to learn about the available neck pain treatments that are efficient in relieving your neck pain and restoring cervical spine movement.