The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

There is a constant rise, evolvement, and innovation in the plastic surgery field. The rise in popularity for plastic surgery procedures especially among women is making women-related procedures more common and the techniques are being applied also in men. Plastic surgery Sydney is done by trained professional surgeons who have undergone training in Australia. There are a variety of plastic surgery services. Below are the most common procedures.


This procedure involves sucking of fat and removal to enhance the person’s appearance making them look slimmer and enhance their shape. There are various types of liposuction procedures used and the patients always recover within a few days depending on the number of fats removed and the body part treated. The most popular type of liposuction is tumescent liposuction and it involves the use of a saline mixture, a drug, and anaesthetics. Liposuction Australia clinics offer clinical procedures and they can correct other health problems. Tools required for this procedure are cannulas which are tubes and vacuum suction. The other types either involves the use of ultrasonic energy or laser technology.

Breast enlargement

Breast augmentation has become random among women for various reasons. Some women undergo the procedure to make their breasts bigger when they are smaller. Others aim at making the breast size appear equal. Some opt for the potion after pregnancy or breastfeeding to restore sagging breasts. Surgeons use silicone gel however much it was banned for having health risks. Patients take up to two weeks to recover from this surgery.


This procedure is an eyelid restructuring surgery done for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Some patients undergo the surgery to correct their vision ability while others to improve their appearance. The excess sagging skin reduces a patient’s vision and makes a person look older. This surgery makes a person look younger by correcting their drooping or hooding lower and upper eyelids giving them a youthful appearance. Most patients recover within ten to fourteen days of the surgery and with reduced puffiness and swelling.


this is referred to as lower body lift or tummy tuck. It involves the removal of extra skin from the patient’s abdominal region. It is mostly performed on people who have delivered or have lost weight resulting in excess skin. To undergo this surgery a person only qualifies if they do not have excess fat deposits in their lower body but lose skin. The recovery time is around two to three weeks and the patient are advised to avoid heavy work and physical activities.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction procedure in women has both appearances changing advantages and functional advantages. Some women have heavy breast or excessively larger breast that affects their weight, gives them back pains and are not comfortable in some dressing. This surgery decreases both the breast and the weight of the breast hence less impact. Additionally, it helps with minimizing back pains and enhancing their body posture. This procedure is a permanent solution and usually takes two weeks for recovery.


This is also referred to as a nose job. The purpose is to reshape the patient’s nose and make it appear balanced with the rest of the face features. It either helps reduce the size of the nose or just adjust areas like the nose hump for a better appearance. It can be done on patients with breathing difficulty by relocating their septum. The surgery recovery time is around ten days.


Also commonly known as a facelift. The procedure corrects any wrinkles or sagging skin due to aging. The skin becomes tighter and gives the patient a more youthful look. This is mostly in conjunction with other procedures such as forehead lift or eyelid shaping.

Gynecomastia surgery

This type of surgery is done on men with larger breast tissues because of their genes. Some men have a genetic condition in which they grow breasts due to habitual use of marijuana therapy or use of steroids. Most men do not require the surgery procedure and can stop the use of drugs before the surgery schedule. The cuts are made around the nipples to avoid the scars being too physical after the procedure. The recovery phase can take about a week.


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