How To Find the Right Doctor for Your Needs

A Stethoscope used to listen to paients


Whether you’re looking for a new primary care physician or need to find a specialist to help you treat a specific health problem, finding a good doctor can seem like a daunting challenge because there are so many options. You want to choose a doctor who can become a true partner in your healthcare journey and give you the best quality of life possible. You may ask friends and family members for recommendations, but the ultimate decision on which doctor to choose is up to you. Consider these three things to choose the right doctor for you.


Doctors must complete a lot of schooling to obtain their degrees, but not all experience is equal. A doctor who completed schooling at a less reputable school may not have as much experience as someone who has completed hours of training and studied at the best schools in the country. You want to choose someone like Dr. Jason Campbell, who studied at top schools and completed many hours of experience. This experience is essential because it allows doctors to treat a variety of medical problems and be better prepared to help you care for your own health. You should carefully review the credentials of any doctor you consider using. It’s also a good idea to look for someone with plenty of experience in your specific health concerns.

Bedside Manner

You may need to talk about sensitive subjects with your doctor, so you want to choose someone who has a great bedside manner. A good bedside manner is more than just having a thorough knowledge of medicine; it means being patient and friendly while you explain your health concerns. Someone with a poor bedside manner is not likely to take your concerns seriously and may jump to certain diagnoses without knowing all of the facts. 

A doctor with a good bedside manner, however, will go to great lengths to improve your quality of life. Look for a doctor who can remember your name and medical history. You also want someone who will listen to all of your questions and concerns. Honesty is essential because you don’t want a doctor who will sugarcoat the truth regarding your health. Bedside manner is not something you can evaluate online; schedule appointments with potential candidates and see which ones meet your expectations and needs.


good reputation is important for choosing the right doctor. Although there may be dozens of candidates in your area, you must look at reviews to make sure the candidates would be a good fit for you. If a candidate has a strong reputation for providing great medical care to people in your community, you can be confident that you will get great medical treatment from him or her. Disregard a handful of negative reviews, but if there is widespread dissatisfaction with a doctor’s level of service, you should beware of turning to that person for medical treatment.

Your health is important to you, so finding the right doctor is crucial. Think about these three things when considering candidates in the area to make the best choice for your wellbeing.