How To Choose Your First Disposable Vape

People who try to break the habit of smoking tobacco found an alternative through vaporizers. And for starters, disposable vapes are highly recommended. Why? Because disposable nicotine vape pen pod vaporizers are easy to use, discreet, and maintenance-free. There is also no need to worry about recharging it since disposable vapes are fully-charged and have pod cartridges filled with vape juice attached to it.

To help starters choose the best disposables in the market, here are some tips that need to be considered:


  1. The Puff Count

Do not settle for a disposable vaporizer that will only give you a hundred hits. The advisable puff count of a disposable vape that is worth the money is about 200 puffs upward.


  1.  Long Battery Life

Vapers experience dry hits when a disposable vape either run out of juice orbattery. But as far as batteries are of main concern, a vape with a decent size battery is a good choice to enjoy vaping fully. Vape batteries should have 320mAh and up battery life like the disposable vape pen pod FreecoolYstick.

  • Excellent Atomizer

High-quality vapes have excellent atomizers that don’t cut out easily. Look for disposable vapes that provide consistent performance and one that can last longer. Excellent atomizers make vapers enjoy the flavor and smell that their disposable vapes give of that even onlookers subtly enjoy the fragrance it releases.


  • Excellent MTL Draw

Smokers who switched to vaping to avoid cigarette smoking’s harmful effects did so only because the mouth-to-lung draw experience are almost the same. But disposable vape pens that give this feature can be a bit hard to find in the market, so if one wants to try it for the first time, the disposable vape pen pod Eleaf iStick is a good starter.

Check out this infographic to know more about how to find your first disposable vape.

How to Choose Your First Disposable Vape