Get Ready for High Growth in U.S. Cannabis Tourism


Countries like Jamaica and the Netherlands have doubled down on cannabis tourism. Even though the epicenter of cannabis vacations (Amsterdam) is considering ending its reign as a top destination. Apparently, the city is cool with cannabis cafes and red-light districts, but only for local citizens.

In the United States and globally, the pandemic has decimated the tourism industry. Social distancing and health and safety laws have limited, and in some cases, barred international travel between countries.

States like Colorado and California are at the forefront of developing an exciting new tourism segment. And after Oregon legalized psychedelics, we may see psilocybin retreats being offered in Portland sometime soon.

When the Novel Covid-19 health emergency is over, the tourism industry will need an edge to entice and inspire travelers’ confidence. And one of the strategies that may help the American tourist industry recover is recreational and medical cannabis.,

What are some of the cannabis resorts and vacations that you want to put on your bucket list? Here are bud-friendly breaks that are already generating a buzz.

Why Aren’t There More Cannabis Resorts in America?

State legalization of marijuana took a long time. But most states have legalized medical cannabis (thirty-six in total for 2021), but not recreational weed. Very few states have reciprocal programs for medical cardholders. If you have a medical card in California, you wouldn’t automatically purchase at a dispensary in Oklahoma.

For resorts to thrive and for legal compliance, they have to be located in states that have made recreational marijuana legal. And there aren’t many of them. Furthermore, there is another small problem about health and safety within the travel and tourism regulations. Hotel or resort guests are not allowed to smoke indoors. That also includes smoking weed.

When you search for “cannabis resorts” on Google, you may feel a little disappointed. Typically what you are going to find is pages and pages of lower quality motels that provide lodging. Some of them have designated smoking areas. And since they are located in a recreationally legalized state, they don’t mind if you hit your chillum outside as long as you are discreet about it.

Right now, because of the Covid-19 health emergency, it’s definitely not the best time to launch a hospitality resort. But that doesn’t mean they are not being planned and developed right now. What will the vacation experience be like at cannabis resorts? It will fall into one of three categories: a beach resort, a spiritual or wellness retreat, or a festival event.

Tyson Ranch in California Will Be the ‘Coachella of Weed’

How much does Mike Tyson like weed? The celebrity athlete and entrepreneur admitted once on the “Hotboxin’” podcast that he smokes an average of $40,000 per month in high-quality cannabis. Not by himself (we hope) but with his business team, friends, and family at his 400+ acre Tyson Ranch. Definitely top shelf, and most of it purchased from third-party growers he collaborates with for Tyson Holistic.

Mike Tyson purchased 420 acres (he likes the number) of land just south of Death Valley in California. Hot desert land that not many people want to develop. Except for Tyson. And he has the vision to build a world-class resort centered on the sun, sand, glamping, and weed.

Tyson Ranch will be built on 40 acres of land. The resort will have the world’s longest lazy river and a giant pool in front of a stage where live music and celebrity DJs like Samantha Ronson, Diplo, and David Guetta could headline. To a crowd of pot-smoking fans bobbing in the giant pool. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

The Tyson Ranch resort will also feature California style cabanas along the lazy river. Smoke, float, repeat. There will be more than 200 glamping spots around the resort with shower and bathroom facilities. And in the middle of the resort will be a five-star plaza with a food court, select retail, and Tyson Holistic cannabis products.

Learn more about the resort and when Mike Tyson plans to launch his 420 vacation destination in this article on

Glowing Goddess Getaway Tours

When California legalized recreational marijuana on January 1, 2017, businesses were ready to launch cannabis-infused adventures for locals and tourists. In fact, in California and other legalized states, you can “Puff, Puff Paint” to smoke some Sativa and tap into your creativity. There are cannabis cooking classes and spas as well.

Then there are retreats from companies like Glowing Goddess Getaway Tours. The company does not cultivate, process, or sell cannabis. It is a women’s social club and restricted to members only. However, anyone over the age of 21 can join for a low monthly membership of $4.20 (US).

The sisterhood focuses on communion with other females, like a cool pot-smoking tribe. It has a spiritual and nurturing vibe with five (5) “High Standards” that each member must live by. They are self-love, inclusivity, empathy, good fun, and mindfulness.

Deidra Bagdasarian is the CEO of Glowing Goddess Getaway Tours. She also goes by the name “Miss Bliss” on social. She is also the founder of the High Times award-winning “Bliss Edibles & Extracts,” and she has taught edibles courses at Oaksterdam University for years. Oaksterdam is the world’s first cannabis college.

As the event company grows, they are expanding into local groups across California with their #SundaySisterSesh campaign. This is the kind of ‘pot’ luck you want to participate in if you’re going to make new friends and try some amazing edibles. Visit the website for more information.

Travelers Can Be Experienced Weed Consumers or Trying it for the First Time

According to an article by Benzinga, some people go on a cannabis vacation to try weed for the first time. But most people who travel to the specialty resorts are already experienced using cannabis. The survey reported that 18.6% of cannabis tourists were first-time users. Which is a little strange because wouldn’t you want to be home for your official ‘first time’ smoke sesh?


It’s not about the comfort zone, but legalities. If you live in a state that still prohibits and hates cannabis, you have few options. You could take a significant risk and buy from the local Black Market. Illegally. Or you could schedule yourself a lovely long weekend retreat somewhere warm, where you can wake and bake and figure out if you like it.

Some people who frequent ketamine or psilocybin resorts in foreign countries swear by the therapeutic benefits. Good food, great marijuana, and a chance to relax seems like a pretty good idea, particularly in a place where you face no legal fallout for doing so.

The top five states that see the highest volume of canna-tourism are:

  • Colorado (ahh… Breckinridge) 57.3%
  • California 26.3%
  • Washington 10.5%
  • Nevada 8.7%
  • Oregon 6.9%

As far as experienced cannabis users, they like taking a 420-friendly vacation too. In the Benzinga survey, 45.4% of respondents used cannabis regularly. The other 36% had some familiarity with cannabis but did not use it regularly.

Cannabis Tourism Can Bolster Job Creation in the Hospitality Sector

In 2019, Jeff Cox for CNBC reported that the American cannabis industry was creating new jobs at an explosive rate. In areas like cannabis cultivation and production, processing, packaging, and retail customer service. That year, the labor market was starting to see a slow-down in job creation, with the exception of America’s flowering cannabis industry.

A report compiled by Leafly with Whitney Economics revealed the job creation stats from 2018. In one year alone, 64,389 new positions were added. And they estimated that in 2018, there were 296,000 new employment opportunities because of the U.S. cannabis industry.

With more states legalizing adult-use (recreational) marijuana, expect to see some high-growth in the American cannabis tourism sector. Just in time to give us all the relaxing vacation we need, at the end of the pandemic.



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