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The new virus COVID 19 came as a surprise and hit hard as many industries halted their operations indefinitely. Due to the nature of the virus, transmittable through saliva, or any form of touching, it hit the dental industry hard because dentists deal with oral health. However, their call is to take care of people’s oral health, which didn’t stop at that.

As we all know, tough times call for stringent measures. Even as dental clinics stopped operating, emergency dentistry was and is still on to take care of emergency dental problems that can’t wait. Some dental needs, such as regular dental check-ups, can wait; however, some like severe toothaches and bleeding gums call for emergency dental services. Dentists have been on the frontline in offering emergency dental treatment during the pandemic while following all the covid 19 prevention guidelines. The question is, how do you identify when to seek a local suburban dentist in an emergency dental situation? Here are some of the dental concerns that demand emergency dental treatment.

Severe toothache

Although mild toothache is manageable through over the counter painkillers and home remedies, some get so severe that they are not manageable. When you take painkillers and the pain doesn’t stop, the toothache interferes with your daily activities or causes you other serious problems such as severe headaches.

A swollen face

A swollen face as a result of severe toothache calls for emergency dental treatment during covid 19. The swelling can be due to a tooth infection, which worsens with time and spreads to the next tooth when you don’t seek medical attention.

Broken tooth or jaw

Accidents can happen anytime and can leave you with a broken tooth or jaw. The good thing is that a dentist can fix it back, but only if you see him/her within the shortest time possible after the accident-within an hour. But you should put the broken part in milk while you visit the dentist so that it can be fixable.

Sometimes you can experience dental intrusion where a tooth pushes into the jawbone due to dental trauma. The intrusion is often strong enough to affect the structure of the tooth socket, which is why you should seek emergency dental treatment.

Tooth with abscess

A tooth with an abscess means you have a tooth infection, which can cause a severe toothache. The infection continues spreading when you don’t seek the right medical intervention, resulting in more serious medical problems. That calls for emergency dental treatment.

Any tooth problem that interferes with your routine

If you have any dental problem that interferes with your daily activities, it means it can’t wait, and treatment should be immediate. 


If you require dental emergency treatment, you can contact your dentist via the website, have a virtual consultation, and schedule an appointment. There is also emergency medical help found via Google, where you can find a dentist ready to treat your emergency dental problem. Dental emergencies even during the covid 19 call for emergency treatments.

However, as you seek emergency dental treatment, continue practicing home oral hygiene and trying home remedies such as using a mouthwash or warm salty water to kill bacteria in the mouth.

All in all, emergency dentists have proven their dedication to the medical profession through the sacrifice they are continuously making in offering emergency dental treatments despite the covid 19 situations.


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