Eating After Dental Implant Surgery

Young woman is eating breakfast cereal



Dental implant surgery is such an amazing and life-changing procedure for patients. The relief from the pain and embarrassment of damaged and broken teeth feels like a miracle to many. However, the recovery process concerns many potential patients. Understanding what you can and cannot eat will help you heal faster and reduce complications after you have had dental implants installed. 

Start With Liquids

The first step in the post-op recovery process is a liquid diet for the day first few hours after you get your dental implants Brooklyn. Avoid drinking any hot beverages as well and stay away from straws for about two weeks to prevent issues with clots and bleeding. If experiencing excessive pain or discomfort, you may want to stick to just liquids for a while longer. 

Eat Without Chewing

For the next several days, you will want to eat foods that don’t require hard to help speed up the healing process and prevent complications. Besides liquids, you can incorporate things like yogurt, protein shakes, and applesauce to help boost your nutrition during this time. If drinking smoothies or having ice cream, be sure that they are free of seeds or chunky pieces that will require you to chew. 

Move to Soft Foods

After about a week, most people are ready for some soft foods. A good rule of thumb when deciding if something is soft enough for you to eat is whether you can cut it with a fork. Crusty bread, chewy cuts of meat, and crunchy foods should stay off the table for at least a bit longer to make sure that your gums are fully healed from the surgery. Bananas, pancakes, meatloaf, and broiled fish are great examples of things that you can eat during this period of recovery. 

Transition to Normal Eating

Your dentist or oral surgeon will tell you when you can resume eating normally. Once you feel comfortable you will be able to eat all of the wonderful foods that you craved, probably including some that you avoided because of previous dental issues. For many, they reach this point after about two weeks, but it can vary from patient to patient. 

Getting dental implants is a wonderful, empowering experience for many, bringing back confidence and relieving pain. By following the orders of your care provider and sticking to the dietary recommendations and timeline they prescribe, you’ll be healed and feeling better than before in just a short period of time. check this link for dePacific dental clinic near me.