A Guide to Learn About Lead Lined Drywall and Its Types

If you are setting up a radiation clinic, radiation shielding is the one thing to keep in mind. The clinics with X-ray rooms require the Lead Lined Drywall to the optimum in the physical location. Be specific about the X-ray table that the clinic is using. Further, drywall helps in protecting the doctors from the harmful gamma and X rays. 

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Types of Drywall and products


  • Lead Drywall

The lead drywall provides floor-to-ceiling radiation protection. Designs, patterns, and floors are flexible. Further, the radiation leakage is saved when installed properly. You will find these in varying thickness to meet other shielding requirements. 

The lead drywall solution is the permanent radiation solution to effective problems. It provides semi-mobile partitions. Having the right protection is so much needed in all the treatment rooms. They come in ½ or 5/8 thickness available in custom sizes. 

Select the lead drywalls with double layering solutions. The height and length of lead strips are used to seal the vertical joints. 

  • Lead Sheetrock

The lead sheetrock comes in varying shapes and sizes. It is made with 99.5% purity made with the best material choices. Likewise, it provides high density and consistency while using the products. When the material is resistant to weather corrosion, it doesn’t wear off easily. 

The lead sheeting offers better shielding from radiation than all other materials. Secondly, these are made as per sizes needed to help in convenient pick-ups. 

  • X-ray Room Walls

When planning to make radiation clinics, take extra care on the X-ray room walls. It is the proven best and effective method depending on the material used. The radiation walls come in various forms like plywood, lead bricks, etc. Mostly used places are laboratories, nuclear energy facilities, etc. 

The 1/8 thickness is the best when making room walls. These are lightweight, so you can carry them easily. 

Benefits of using lead drywall for radiation shielding


  • Cost-effective

Drywall is preferred by people because of its cost prices. It is an affordable material also for the construction of homes. These materials are so easily available in the markets. If there is a replacement of panel or sheet, you can find a replacement to match with the old panels. 

  • Quicker installation

The benefits of lead drywall are its installation. Likewise, they don’t require extra care and attention. The plasterboards are easier to install as well. This speeds up the construction process. 

Also, if you need to put the leads into spaces or fit the ceiling or walls, you can cut and use them. The use becomes that easy for the professionals. 


Drywalls are the plasterboards and so many websites provide authentic products. Make better decisions and you will get the right materials only.