Benefits of Cardio Exercises

The benefits of cardio exercises have been known for a long time. For most people, this is the easiest and most effective way to keep your heart in good shape. In this article, I will touch on the main benefits of cardio exercises, which I think are enough to motivate you to start the appropriate training.

Improved blood delivery to the extremities

One of the most important advantages of cardio exercises is the active circulation of blood throughout the body. In particular, blood flows better to the fingers and toes. This is doubly important for those who have atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, people with narrowed blood vessels. This is a natural healthy way to achieve extra oxygen nutrition for your hands and feet. With systematic exercise and training, you will feel your body healthier and younger, as opposed to a passive (sedentary) lifestyle.

Strengthening the heart muscle

The heart needs extra exercise to keep its muscle in good shape. If you approach the training process correctly, then over time you will feel that your heartbeat has decreased during cardio exercises. The difference between a normal heartbeat and a rapid heartbeat is no longer so great and, therefore, the heart has become more resilient.

Improvement in lung function

Any cardio exercise not only causes a rapid heartbeat, but also accelerates breathing. The body needs more oxygen to release energy. Your lungs begin to use their volume more efficiently. If you do active sports at a young age, it helps to increase the volume of the lungs themselves, and the chest becomes more beautiful, better formed. Pay attention to swimmers, track and field athletes, sportsmen of game sports. They have a fit look, a healthy figure. This is achieved by systematic cardio exercises.

Benefits for muscles and joints

There is no doubt that cardio exercises actively involve the muscles of the arms, legs,back, and hip joint. This is an invaluable benefit for the whole body, which retains its youth, flexibility, slimness and endurance. Your joints do not stagnate, your muscles are enlarged and, accordingly, their injuries are reduced.

The most simple and effective cardio exercises

What exercises will help you get the benefits I described above, asks Reius Mammadli, a healthy eating and lifestyle instructor? Here is a list of the most simple, but at the same time effective methods for training the heart, muscles, and respiratory system:

  • push-ups;
  • squats;
  • jumping with a jump rope;
  • jogging;
  • cycling.

We want to note that if you have a chronic heart disease or you have recently suffered an injury, then be sure to consult your doctor about your intention to start certain workouts.

Elaine Allen
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