5 Medicinal Marijuana-Based Items To Help With Chronic Pain

In the last few years, medicinal marijuana has emerged as a preferred alternative for treating chronic pain. Since a lot of people hate smoking and the subsequent high, they often try to find some alternative products for consuming medicinal marijuana. Now, in this post we have covered the top 6 medicinal marijuana-based products that are perfect for people who want to have the benefits of cannabis without having to damage their lungs.


Marijuana-based gums have become a prominent item in most chronic seed banks throughout the world. These gums basically promise a high for under five calories and generally take effect within just 15 minutes, while the high usually lasts for four hours. However, in the last few years different varieties of gums have been introduced in the market and while some promise all the benefits without a high there are yet others that can be used for chronic pain and spasticity.


According to a recent study sipping medicinal marijuana is generally an effective way of dealing with chronic pain. In fact, cannabis infused tea is something that anyone can make for themselves with the precise recipe. Besides, it is widely believed that cannabis-infused tea is a method that provides a rather slow-acting but long-lasting administration. On the contrary, you can also buy ready to purchase hemp tea from the stores.

Bath Salts

Bath salts in general are infamous for being a dangerous street drug, however in this post we are talking about the actual bath salts. A lot of companies in recent years have introduced salt bath soaks that are meant to help combine the pain relief of medicinal marijuana with warm water. In fact these bath salts are actually quite potent according to client testimonials.


If you are looking to start your day with some extra boost then cannabis coffee pods may be the right option for you. These coffee pods have just recently been released and are said to be compatible with almost all types of coffee brewers. The pods usually come in a variety of dosing strengths and strains and can be easily caffeinated or decaffeinated. Besides, due to the growing popularity of cannabis coffee pods a lot of companies have now introduced new flavors in these coffee pods.

Additionally, since these coffee pods are plastic free in nature they are actually 100% compostable for environmental health.

Topical Balm

Medicated topical balms mostly work by combining cannabis with other skin-soothing ingredients, that when rubbed into your skin help relieve muscle pain. These balms are essentially a mix of conditioning ingredients and cannabis extract and thus help soothe both dry skin and muscle aches.

What’s the downside of these products you ask! Well if you do not live in a state with medicinal marijuana dispensaries or chronic seed banks, then you may not be able to get your hands on them anytime soon.