5 Gum Disease Signs to Watch Out

It is common to be diagnosed with gum disease. But catching the disease early is vital to ensure it does not threaten your oral health. That is why Monterey gum disease specialists give every patient advice about how to catch the disease when it is in its early stages. The chances of effective management are high when the problem is identified before it gets serious. It is also good to understand what causes gum disease to avoid them as prevention is better than cure. But knowing what to look for can be helpful. Notice if you experience the following symptoms.

Red Swollen Gums

It is always good to observe your gum and feel around to detect changes. If you notice they are red and swollen, it is a sign that they need attention. Note that gum disease often begins with inflammation of the gums along the gum line. You can also see or move your tongue around the gums to feel if they are swollen. Additionally, if your gums bleed easily and feel tender or painful when you brush or floss, this might be a manifestation of gum disease, and you should seek medical attention.

Bad Odor

Experiencing a bad smell from your mouth means something is up. The environment in your mouth is conducive to bacterial development. If you have plaque, plus the warm and wet conditions in your mouth, bacteria that feed on the plaque will thrive and release toxins. Your gums and teeth can get irritated by the toxins and have a foul smell. This can be embarrassing, especially when talking, and it can signify serious gum disease. But note that your breath may not change much in the initial stages of the disease.

Gums Decreasing in Size

When your gums begin to get smaller, please seek medical attention as it can be a sign of gum disease. You might notice your teeth appearing longer than usual, but that does not mean they are growing. Your gums are probably sinking. This mainly occurs when the jawbone is breaking down, making the gum separate from the tooth resulting in what is known as receding gums.

Sensitive Teeth

You should be able to enjoy any meal or drink when your teeth are healthy. But if you take a cold drink or eat certain foods and you feel like wincing, your teeth are telling you something. When this goes in handy with receding gums, the high chances are that you are suffering gum disease. A part of the tooth that becomes exposed when the gum shrinks is associated with sensitivity when exposed to cold air, water, or other substances. You may also experience sensitivity from hot drinks and foods.

Wiggly Teeth

Sometimes noticing that your teeth look different from their usual could be a sign of gum disease. Gum disease can attack the jawbone making your teeth lose or shift position. But this is mainly due to periodontitis, a more advanced stage of gum disease. In severe cases, you can even notice your teeth no longer fit each other well affecting your bite.

Watch out for the common signs of gum disease to understand when to seek medical attention from the experts. Contact Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay today if you suspect you have gum disease for help. Recognize that early apprehension and treatment is the best way to address gum disease and avoid further severe complications.