4 Dental Services that Can Save the Day

Oral health is just as important as the health of the entire body. Remember, most diseases start at the mouth due to germ and bacterial infestation. So, a healthy mouth is the onset of a healthy body. Having said that, we have made a mention of 4 best dental services that are provided by elite and experienced dentists at clinics like clinique dentaire Oracare. Have a look!

The Root Canal Treatment

Tooth pulp can start decaying due to a number of reasons. Poor oral hygiene is the most common culprit. When the pulp begins to decay, it causes:

  • Infection
  • Inflammation 
  • Pus formation 

If not treated, it attracts fungus and the condition gets very painful and can affect the adjacent teeth. 

Cosmetic Dentist Glasgow perform a simple procedure of root canal to remove the rotting pulp. They then:

  • Properly irrigate and clean the treated area. 
  • Use a rubber-like filler in place of the pulp. 

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It might not be paining now, but a wisdom tooth will definitely pain and cause a lot of other problems – listed below – later on.  

  • Plaque formation 
  • Gum infection and inflammation 
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Bad odor

It will also disfigure the adjacent teeth due to crowding. Which is why getting it removed is the best solution to avoid all complications. The procedure is simple:

  • The doctor will perform an X-ray. 
  • You will be given anesthetics for the entire span of the surgery.

Tartar Removal

There’s a reason that dentists emphasis on regular flossing – it’s plaque removal. When you don’t floss and don’t get your teeth cleaned at a dental clinic from time to time, plaque keeps on accumulating and transforms into tartar. Tartar is extremely sticky and it leads to:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum infection
  • Extremely bad breath
  • Pus formation 
  • Bacteria accumulation that can also lead to pyorrhea.

Dentists use a scalpel to remove all the dirty tartar and disinfect and polish the teeth so that the teeth and gums get healthy again. 

Cavity Filling and Teeth Whitening 

The worst thing about cavities is that though they do not spread to other teeth on their own but the bacteria that causes them can actually spread and lead to more cavities. Which is why you need dental help to seal an existing cavity and kill the bacteria that’s causing them. 

Next comes teeth whitening. Plaque and many other food habits lead to teeth discoloration. And discolored teeth look yellow. Dentists clean the teeth and fill cavities (if any). They then perform the teeth whitening procedure or offer you a teeth whitening kit that you can use at home as per your comfort. 

However, remember, it’s never a good idea to just pick a kit from the market and use it without consulting a dentist first. If you have cavities and gum inflammable, the whitening and polishing will only increase the sensitivity. Which is why it’s important that the dentist checks your teeth first. 

On a closing note, dental services are the best ways to maintain oral hygiene. Hence, you shouldn’t overlook them.