Why You Should Get Root Canal Treatment from Madison Family Specialists

An infected tooth affects your dental health, and the wincing pain that ensues is no joke. Seeking dental treatment can be indicating and scary, but it is much more tolerable than coping with an inflamed tooth. However, seeking dental intervention for root canals requires top-of-the-line dental care. We spoke to specialists offering root canal treatment in Fair Oaks to understand why their services are the go-to service for many residents. Read on to learn some useful tips, Shiva Salehi, DDS, uses to minimize root canal treatment pain at the Madison Family Dental Group Center.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that entails removing the soft tissue at the center of an inflamed or abscessed tooth. General dentists or endodontists use general anesthesia or sedation dentistry to perform the procedure.

Madison Family specialists offer expert root canal treatment through advanced modern dentistry and computed cone beam technology to pinpoint the exact treatment area before developing a procedure. An initial consultation is the primary step to any successful dental procedure outcome.

When do you need a root canal treatment?

Tell-tale signs of an inflamed tooth include tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, bleeding gums, and pain while chewing. However, there are elusive signs that sometimes masquerade as periodontal disease symptoms. Often, if you have inflamed teeth and want to salvage your natural teeth, then a root canal is for you.

Dr. Salehi scans and administers X-ray tests to diagnose and determine whether you need root canal treatment accurately. Regular dental checkups enable you to stay on top of your health and detect warning signs of an inflamed tooth before it necessitates total tooth extraction.

How to prepare for root canal

The first step you should take is scheduling a dental appointment with a reputable dental center. During the appointment, have an in-depth conversation to clarify your dental concerns before committing to root canal treatment.

On the actual day of the procedure, ensure you have eaten early enough before the operation. Do not eat too much, however, as some foods may cause an adverse reaction with anesthetics. Eat nutritious food that will impart energy to your body for a couple of hours.

Listen to calming music as Madison Family Dental specialists restore your dental health to pristine condition.

Post root canal care

After a root canal treatment, you won’t return to regular eating for a while. Therefore, you need a post-care regimen that eases pain, minimizes bleeding, and guarantees speedy recuperation. Talk to your doctor for the best post-care routine.

However, some precaution measures to take include:

  • Do not brush your teeth vigorously
  • Avoid hot and cold foods that may trigger sensitivity
  • Maintain the gauze in position until bleeding stops.

Root canal treatment salvages an infected tooth. If you suspect you have an abscessed or inflamed tooth, contact Madison Family Dental Group for an accurate diagnosis and a successful treatment plan. Healthy teeth make happier smiles. Make a noble decision today.