Top five online endocrinologists consultation platforms

More than 70 million people are suffering from diabetes and thyroid in India. You must have been accustomed to the diseases, its symptoms and probably with diagnosis too. Diabetes and thyroid are chronic diseases the only way out from them is medication until the condition is under control. If you are suffering from any of these, it is advisable to get the lab tests done and consult the endocrinologist.

Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that deals with examining, treating, and diagnosing hormones, glands, diabetes, reproductive health, and thyroid. Endocrinologists are specialists in endocrinology. If you are suffering from diabetes or thyroid, you must visit an endocrinologist as soon as you can.

Consulting doctors is not a shake, but people could not get to doctors during the pandemic. The threatening virus has set everyone at their abodes. In such a situation, people were restricted to go for regular checkup and consulting doctors. However, as the conditions are favourable again, some of us still have fear in post-pandemic situations. Every problem has its solution, and this problem has too. If you are still afraid of post-pandemic conditions, you can consult an online doctor.

When the population was confined to the home and everything in the physical world, Times was halted. The virtual world was working at breakneck speed. The Internet gave solution to almost every problem. Healthcare was a significant issue that could not be delayed, and thus some online platforms emerged to get away with the situation. Some healthcare geniuses developed a portal for an online doctor consultation, lab tests, medicine delivery, online appointment bookings, etc.

If you cannot consult an endocrinologist by visiting the clinics or hospitals, you can also consult an online endocrinologist. The quality of treatment and diagnosis is not compromised on any portal. Some of the best online endocrinologist consultation portals are:

Docterz is an online platform that is in the limelight for its services. It is an all in one portal where you can find every specialist in the doctor panel. Docterz is well equipped with services like online consultation, waiting room, the record of follow up appointments, and several other benefits. You can consult an endocrinologist online, on the portal of Docterz. Several practitioners in the doctor panel make it easy for the patients to filter the searches according to their issues, fees, etc. You can use services of Docterz in-app available in androids and IOS or at the web portal.

This platform is for the world’s best practitioners. One of the valuable services they offer is collecting samples of patients and providing the report online as soon as possible. You can consult the best endocrinologists here. Lybrate has been performing well for a very long. You can avail their services on the web portal as well as apps available for androids and IOS.

Healthgrades is a portal considered the best for online doctor consultation. The service of this app is paid. Healthgrades provides online as well as teleconsultation with doctors. The doctor panel contains several specialists, including endocrinologists. So, all you have to do is to schedule your appointment on a web portal or app.

One of the leading brand names practo is an online consultation application that allows patients to connect with concerned doctors. The application is available for both software android as well as IOS. Practo also provides a free consultation to some extent. The doctors answer all the queries posted by patients. You will get the best online endocrinologist consultation. You need to get an online appointment to consult a doctor on a video call or call.

ICliniq is another portal that is famed for online doctor consultation. Their portal is easy to use, and the doctor panel has the best practitioners. You will get the best online endocrinologist consultation on ICliniq. They render their services on the web portal or apps available for androids and IOS.

Bottom Line

Online endocrinologist consultation is now possible at your home. Among all of the above mentioned online platforms, Docterz is considered the best portal. The ready to use the software is appreciated the most by the patients. So, stop procrastinating your doctor consultation and schedule your online doctor consultation now.