Stop Shying and Get Timely Treatment for Genital Lesions in Fort Worth, Texas

Ulcers or other skin conditions in the genital area are very common among sexually active individuals, but often under diagnosed because most people do not reach out to medical professionals due to embarrassment. 

At Northstar Dermatology, you can find the best dermatologists to get treatment for genital lesions in Fort Worth. They provide a very private environment where you can openly discuss your symptoms with your dermatologist who can then curate a treatment plan specific to your condition. They can also educate you regarding safe sex practices and care routine that you should follow to keep your genital area safe and healthy. 

Ulcers in the External Genitalia

Ulcers can occur in the external genital area and can occur in both genders. For women, the outer labia or vulva is the most common area where ulcers can occur, in men in the skin surrounding the penis. You can also get ulcers around the anus. 

Common causes genital ulcers causes are:

  • STIs like herpes simplex, syphilis, Chlamydia, chancroid, and donovanosis are common diseases causing ulcers. 
  • HIV can also cause the formation of ulcers in the vulva region in females. 
  • Candida infection can also cause ulcer formation in women. 
  • Other viral infections like Epstein – Barr virus or varicella-zoster can also cause genital ulcers. 
  • Mycoplasma and Streptococcus group A can also cause sores on the vulva. 
  • Certain autoimmune diseases responsible for causing genital ulcers are often inherited like Crohn’s disease or Stevens-Johnson syndrome. 
  • Trauma or allergic reaction to cosmetic skincare products can also cause the formation of sores or ulcers in both genders. 

Symptoms of all these ulcers can vary depending upon the underlying cause. However, the most common symptoms include:

  • An itchy rash or bump
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Painful rashes that can also leak fluids
  • High fever can be a sign of viral or bacterial infection. 

Your doctor in Fort Worth, Texas can evaluate for visible signs of any disease. They can also check for enlarged lymph nodes in the area. They can also order other diagnostic tests and a Pap smear to find the exact cause of the ulcerations in your genital area. 

Treatment is based on the causative factor. Viral infections are treated with topical and oral antiviral drugs and an antibiotic course can be given for bacterial ulcers. Inflammatory lesions often need oral or topical steroids as the treatment protocol. 

Do not bear unnecessary pain and get prompt treatment for genital lesions in Fort Worth, Texas. While some simple course of medications can heal your pain and other symptoms, ignoring any form of the genital disease can cause serious complications.