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How to remain hydrated during post-surgery

How to remain hydrated during post-surgery

Our body is 60 percent water. Staying hydrated for the whole day is necessary, no matter what’s your level of fitness is. Drinking plenty of water can improve your wellbeing as every tissue, organ or cell in your body needs water for survival. The heart will also pump blood in the body if there is a regular supply of water. Moreover, water can aid in removing all the toxic elements and maintaining the temperature of the body.

It happens many times that a patient is readmitted to the hospital after bariatric surgery. Dehydration can be one of the reasons behind the readmission.

Below are the tips to stay hydrated after bariatric surgery:

  1. Consume meal at regular intervals after bariatric surgery in Guadalajara, but do not drink water at that point. If you have the habit of having a glass of water while eating food, you need to stop. Drinking water with meals can make you feel full very swiftly. You cannot eat other foods if there is no space left in your stomach, leading to a deficiency of vital nutrients.
  2. A water bottle should be there with you every time. Try to drink slowly and avoid big sips.
  3. Stop the consumption of caffeinated drinks after your bariatric surgery in Tijuana. Intake of a high amount of caffeine can cause dehydration. Tea and coffee are some examples of caffeinated drinks. You can drink caffeine in moderation if you are having a sufficient amount of water during the day.
  4. Add some flavour if you want to enjoy the water. You can add some lime or orange to the water.
  5. Stay away from carbonated beverages. These beverages contain bubbles that can enlarge your tummy, resulting in pain and bloating.
  6. You can use technology to keep yourself hydrated. Set reminders on your mobile phone to remember that you have to drink water.
  7. If the water that you are consuming is making you nauseous, change its temperature. Add some ice or lemon to it.

Other ways of staying hydrated

In hot and dry summer, your body loses water too quickly. Instead of drinking water, you can go for fruits like watermelon, which consists of about 92 percent water. It is a complete package of nutrients as well. Having fresh watermelon is a good idea during summer. Therefore, it is one of the acceptable hydration tips after bariatric surgery. Try other fruits too, such as orange, melon, grapes, or mango.