How dental implants can affect your life?

To other people, they are getting their confidence through their smiles. And losing a tooth can be devastating, it is a good thing that there are now dental implants. Through the use of advanced technology, they can change a tooth by mirroring it like it is true. It can be painful because they will insert titanium into your bone. This can be the support system of a tooth, denture, or bridging the gap. Dental implants are a kind of real tooth that can last for a lifetime when it is taken care of. But how will you get dental implants?

Who can use dental implants?

When you have a few teeth missing, decayed or broken teeth you are eligible to have implants. These can be your other solution when you’re not comfortable in using bridges, dentures, or partial dentures.

Before other patients with incomplete bone or had health conditions they were not eligible for implants. But through technology, made things possible as they can now have implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

It can act like natural teeth

With the help of an implant, it can bring back the normal chewing process. Most patients that have implant teeth can’t distinguish whether it is natural or an implant. It is because they can act as one and they can normally brush as well.

It can last for a lifetime

When you compare it to a dental bridge it can last for about 10 years and so. But when you have dental implants it can last for a lifetime depending on how you treat your teeth well. Dental implants are made out of titanium and it connects to your jawbone. The materials that are used for implants are non-toxic and the body will not reject them. That is also why it lasts for a lifetime because it has powerful materials.

Implants can avoid any bone loss

Losing a tooth for a long time can cause your jaw bone to fluctuate. As there is no movement compared to those that have teeth. In that area, the bone loses about 25% and it can still continue if you don’t prevent it. Using dentures in those areas can also increase bone loss because they are rubbing on the gap. But when you get a dental implant through Dr. Joe Xanthopoulos can repair the missing piece. You can now chew foods like nothing is missing.

Keeping the teeth stable

Missing teeth can cause them to touch each other which can lead to having crooked teeth. Your teeth will be out of position which affects your chewing process and appearance. Aside from having a poor bite, this can also cause you pain and headaches.

Keep you away from gum disease

Gum disease can appear when you have a missing tooth gap. It can keep the food inside which can cause bacteria to grow. It is better that you floss and clean your teeth very well. And having dental implants can keep you away from getting gum disease.

It can avoid facial sagging and premature aging

Your missing teeth can cause bone loss and facial sagging. You won’t notice it at first but when you age it will appear as your face starts to stoop slowly to your nose and chin. It can also develop wrinkles around your mouth. This will age you faster than your normal age.