5 common mistakes while attempting Surya Namaskar poses


One of the extremely powerful yoga among all is Surya Namaskar which needs to be done promptly to make your body fit and fine.

Nevertheless, it is the most effective yoga if you want to lose weight and be fine.

Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 asanas, and it creates a massive impact on your body in terms of energy and the mind as well. 

While doing these Surya Namaskar poses, people make some mistakes, leading to ineffective yoga outcomes. So, let’s discuss these common mistakes that you should not make-  

Improper breathing technique

We all know it is essential to breathe correctly while doing yoga.

However, the breathing and body movement should be synced while doing Surya Namaskar to gain better results and make it more effective.

You’ll need to be aware of what’s happening, which most of us aren’t, but with practice, you’ll be able to master it, resulting in the intended results.

So, make sure that you are using the proper breathing technique, which will help you manage your yoga everything, and you’ll get the results you want. 

Bouncing the hasta uttanasana

In one step of Surya Namaskar poses hasta uttanasana repeats. This asana is designed to reheat and reinforce the backbone. 

It stretches the whole width of your backbone, allowing you to inhale more wholly and profoundly.

You may be disrupting the respiratory and motion equilibrium by omitting hasta uttanasana. 

Your backbone lacks the requisite strength and flexibility, putting excessive stress on your upper back.

Inaccurate chaturanga dandasana

This posture, also known as the low plank, demands you to stand with your spine upright and perpendicular to the floor, supported by your hands or feet.

You may be putting too much strain on your spinal column. 

As a result, your lower body dips toward the ground, causing back discomfort. Remember to use your stomach and upper limbs musculature to avoid this.

However, the main focus of your body should be on accurate chaturanga dandasana; otherwise, it may create problems for you.

Confusion about dog pose and cobra pose

An upward-looking dog position, also known as urdhva mukha svanasana, and the cobra posture are pretty similar. 

You may be perplexing them by doing something completely different.

So, before beginning your Surya Namaskar practice, we recommend that you master the cobra stance. 

Yet, this confusion needs to be cleared so that you can balance your body weight and get all your desired outcomes. 

Balancing everything is not easy and can lead to different other issues for you, so deal with the Surya Namaskar poses smartly.

Lack of moving forward while attempting ashwa sanchalanasana

A shift from pointing down dog stance to the horseback pose signals the edge of each step of Surya Namaskar poses. 

Do you ever overextend your legs? 

This may put too much strain on your legs and prevent your hamstrings from stretching.

However, there should not be a lack of forwarding moving while attempting this and if it is there, work on overcoming it to have pre-determined results. 





Elaine Allen
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